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You can definitely tell they are brothers! Both are cute little dudes.


Wow, they look so alike!!! ...and very cute too! :)

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

yup, they sure do look alike. i can't wait to see little Levi in the next few months will really tell who he is going to look like, right now i put my money on Tucker, he is going to look alot like his big brother! i miss all of you,
~love to all~


Amber, get a point and shoot! Otherwise, you will end up like my daughter and have NO pictures of your baby!
Jenny, your boys looks very much alike! so cute! I have no pictures of Emily when she was in the NICU as well! so sad...


Look like two peas in a pod.

Mary you make gorgeous babies or what?!?! Such cutie pies:)
I think their mouths look alike. And you can tell they are brothers :)


What do I think? I think you make some gorgeous babies! And, yes, they look alike. Just a little difference in the eyes, but similar mouths.

LeeAnn Howard

they are VERY much alike! We still hear almost everyday how much my boys look alike. And to be honest, it doesnt ever get old. I love hearing it and makes me all that more excited to see what the 3rd child will look like! :)


well you can def tell they are brothers! same sweet little lips and the shapes of their eyes!

so sweet jenny!

i've been debating on purchasing a point & shoot so the hubby can take photos while we're in the hospital. not sure i want to now!! :)

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