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jenny's mom/tucker's gram

nothing wrong with a little bragging, i do it all the time as a gram, besides they are the 2 cutest little peas in the pod, love, love, love, love them. was nice to spend the night jen, hope you got a little rested up. love you kiddo!


Too cute!


so cute jen!


No, you're just a proud mama...there's nothing wrong with that! Very tender pictures..good job, Jen.

Mary these!
Your boys are ADORABLE!
Isn't it crazy how much bigger Tucker seems now next to Levi? Enjoy them:)


He is adorable! Your boys are cute.


nope not sick of them...never will be:) love you guys!!!


Aww, that first one is so sweet (even if there was bribery involved) LOL! :) I can't believe how alert he is in that 2nd pic. Darling!

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