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Leslie Collins

LOVE your flowers. I love my hibiscus, rose of sharons, hostas, perennial gerraniums, shasta daisies and my day lillies. There are many more, but of course I cannot remember the name. Oh, I love my spider wort, too. It blooms during the day and then closes at night. It's weird. We use this really smelly stuff to keep the deer away and it does help. Those little boogers have been getting into my bird feeder. I am ticked! :)


Beautiful flower shots. And yes, please do share what they are. I need to start planting my gardens next year and would love to know what the deer don't like to eat.


oooh, i LOVE my flowers. i go out and visit them every day. :) and hope to see that the deer/rabbits haven't gotten any of them. i'm working toward almost all perennials, planting a few more each year, but my favorite is heliotrope (an annual but it smells sooooo good). i also have a lot of pinks, peonies, day-lilies, clematis, perennial salvia, coreopsis. the deer pretty much leave all those alone. i have blazing stars waiting to bloom, too. we have a lot of wild forget-me-nots around, love them, i should put some in the garden! and i have phlox (but i spray those with deer repellant a LOT). i plant verbena for annuals which have never been eaten but they did this year... weird. so my theory is that even if you plant all things that you think they don't eat, they'll still eat SOMETHING. little buggers. :)


Your photos of the various plants are much better than the wikipedia shots!
I soooo want a garden like that in my backyard! maybe next summer!


I miss my gardens :( My new house doesn't have many and there are a ton of deer so I haven't even bothered. All of my plants, including vegetables are growing in pots on my deck. Fill me in on what the deer will leave alone!


Gorgeous! I wish I had a garden like that.

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