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Jenny's mom Tucker's gram

Love the picture of you and Tina. My two special girls!!!How lucky I am to have you both! ~ Watched my little pumpkin today (Tuesday) he is such a special little guy. He makes me whole! Each week is something new. He is growing up way too fast. He wants to walk really bad. He enjoys pulling him self up on things. He'll grab your pant leg and pull him self up and looks at you like, "Hey look at me!", it's so cute. He is really good at feeding himself the little cereal things, now he stuffs his face with them, just keeps shoving them in. Loves baths too. Today he seen I had the kitchen sink (I totally rinse and disinfect it before i bathe him in it) full of bubbley water and he could not contain himself, he was like crawling out of his clothes!! Crack me up. His little "OH" face is still around, he uses it when he is upset about something, it is sooo funny! Well I'm a grandmother getting carried away, just want everyone to know how happy I am and how much I enjoy little Tucker. I love this site Jenny. It will come in soo handy in a few weeks!!!
Tucker's Gram

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