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I found you through my blog! Your little man reminds me of my little man. Watch for me to rip off your "Things I love.." idea soon. (Just kidding, Ill give you full credit.) It's so simple but its brilliant..


Okay, I'm addicted to your blog...I admit it!
It's like my soap opera, because I don't watch the ones on tv. I am also addicted to looking at your adorable little man, he is so cute! Just thought I'd let you know.


I thought I left a comment on your blog during your "deprevation" stage. But looking back, I guess I didn't. Unless, having 1 glass of wine has impaired my vision.
I love seeing your mom's comments because, I know it's been a long time, but I do remember your mom (duh..). I want to see her blog when she gets it going! I have a picture of her in my head and I know she's got to look a lot different now, being it's not the 80's (last time I probably saw her......). I'm always checking out your site. You are definitely a 100% blogger. Good job!!:)


mom, i think you're funny. :) love ya.

jenny's mom/Tucker's GRAM

honey i would like you to help me start a blog myself when i get home. it will be called "gramma's grumbles" i hope to make it interesting and informative to alot of young mom's out there, what do ya think?


I'm addicted as well! And the problem is, I keep finding more and more blogs to keep track of (like yours) every day!

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