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I'm definitely on board with the Pottery Barn themes. Wait, I'm more than on board. I think I copy every room when I go to re-do a room. I don't even think I've bought anything from them yet, but I definitely owe them a purchase soon because I steal all their ideas. Wait, I have some eating utinsels for Naydine from them. But anyway, about the toys. I'm so bad at this too. I think you're supposed to take some out and put them in totes and then in a month, do the same thing all over again so the toys are fresh for the kids. It's like Cmas every month. Good luck.... I suck at it too.

jenny's mom/Tucker's GRAM

ya the crib matress on the floor may work, just leave a night light on and blockade the bathroom and hall way in case he does decide to wonder at night, that way he will wonder into your room, i'd give it a shot!! good luck......if you could leave a night light in your room too............that would be good

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