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jenny's mom/tucker's gramma

don't hang out in the bars anymore, but once in a while when i do go into one i hate the ash tray smell, you reak when you leave. being an xx smoker, the smoke still really bothers me. glad you girls had a good night. use to do the same thing when i was your age.


Smoke-free is awesome!!Cute pictures! Looks like you had a blast!!


smokers heaven here. hate it. when i do manage to go out i have to wash my hair before i can go to sleep.


I love smoke free and really, really miss it! We moved for CA to NC and it was a big culture shock... still adjusting, but hoping for smoke free soon (not holding my breath though, seeing as how tobacco is a huge crop here.) I am glad you had a fun night out!


jaime, wb = west branch. or do you remember it as apollo in finland? :)


Yeah!! I love smoke free! When we were in WA, they went smoke free. Everybody thought it would kill business at the bars, but I think it actually ended up increasing business. Kind of funny. I wonder if it's smoke free here in NC?? I probably won't find out for quite a while, but I'm crossing my fingers!! Where the heck is the WB??


we are smoke free here too. it's also good when you go out to breakfast. for some reason, breakfast places use to be as bad as or maybe even worse than bars with respect to smoke.

hope you had fun night =)


It's smoke free (for a couple of years now) where I am and I LOVE IT! Sounds like you head a great girls night :)


Smoking is still allowed here until 2009 I think. I can NOT wait! Smoke is icky.

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