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you'd think as a nurse i could do puke...but um..not so well. i was gagging reading your post.


Ugh, I hate puke!
My dd puked today when she was choking, bleh.
Luckily it's been a few months since our last bout of pukes.
I won't go into the story about when me and my oldest got it for a few days along with diarrhea. That was an unpleasant week to say the least.

Thank goodness he's feeling better.


Crikey, hope he's on the mend. There's nothing worse than that 'should I stay or should I go' (to work) dilemma when your kids are sick. Obviously you usually stay at home because you're right, no-one can look after them like their Mum, but it's hard to keep a job like that!


Aye-yi-yi. Good luck. I understand completely!


Hope your little man is better real soon. The stomach bug is one of my biggest fears. I actually get anxiety just thinking about my kids getting it. Inevitably, they do get it every year. Take care.

"Tucker's Gramma" jenny's mom

poor baby, hope he is feeling better, so much for the flu shot.

Leslie Collins

Yuck, Jenny. I hope Tucker is feeling better. It sucks when they are sick.

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