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what a great meme! I may take it for my own too. and use it for my second born. and third born. just because, i like to fill others with profound ennui.


Fun questions!

Sarah S.

verty cute! I copied it on mine already.


This was fun!!
Stole it from you and posted my answers on my blog :)


hmmm. I may do that...but god 15 yrs was a long time ago. Tucker is a great name...


I'm going to borrow this idea. I love it. So fun to read!

I love the name Tucker, by the way!

I can't imagine delivering that early. Congrats to both of you for pulling though that kind of surprise!

Leslie A. Collins

Cute questionaire. Sounds like you had a great pregnancy.


Cute! I think I might 'borrow' this too - I've been meaning to write about Anna's birth before I forget it all!! Although I must be forgetting some of it because I'm starting to think about creature #2 !

jenny's mom / tucker's gramma

..........and i missed the whole thing....i was scheduled to be home in may for the birth of my grandson, but unfortunatly i was in idaho working at the time. i never met my special little guy till he was 3 weeks old. it broke my heart and still does every time i think of it. i wanted to be with my little girl soo very very were a trooper honey....and i love you all very much.

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