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jenny's mom/tucker's gramma

1. i need to eventually go home
2. i need to spend more time with my family
3. i need to make gifts for christmas
4. i need to organize my house
5. i need to get a children fix, (i have child withdrawls once in awhile when i am away from my kids too long.) i miss them.
6. i need to take a long walk in the woods
7. i need to RELAX


I have too many random thoughts right now, but wanted to squeeze them outta the way so I could mention to you what a great picture you have at the top of your blog! CUTE!


Ditto, ditto on the shoes and pizza. I'm off to do my own seven random thoughts now...


i hear you about the shoes too. can you share the veggie pizza recipe? thanx.


Ditto on the shoes!
Veggie pizza sounds yummy!
I copied your post and did my 7 random too!

Leslie Collins

thanks for the plug!!!! Have a great day. :)

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