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Thanks for sharing. Sounds delish. Can't wait to try it


sounds great, only i would be eating the entire thing as my guys won't eat cream cheese. mary, i'll make it but you will have to stay for dinner. thanx for sharing.

jenny's mom / tucker's gramma

you're all making me hungry, i'll have to make it when i get home. thanks for the recipe honey.........

Leslie A. Collins

Thanks for the recipe. I make it almost the same way, but like LeeAnn, I use a HIdden Valley ranch packet, also. I am sure it was yummy. Now I am in the mood for one. Well, I have been since you started talking about it. :)


Mmmmmm yummy!
Thanks for sharing :)


I can't wait to try this. You had me at dill.


I LOVE veggie pizza. I pretty much make it the same way, except for the dill and minced onion I add some of the Hidden Valley dry ranch out of the packet. Sounds like a yummy treat to make this week!!

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