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what a beautiful pic!! your son's such a cutie!! :)


Great photos!

Mrs Pop

We just had a cold front move down last night... Yeah. Low was 64. Today it hit 90. I don't want a lot of "blustery" weather, but it would sure be nice to have a real fall, see the leaves change colors before they turn brown, etc.

The grass is always greener... ;-)


i love these pics, jen! miss ya.


Jen, I lovet his picture of Tucker!!!


Love that pic!


Hi - I've been enjoying reading your blog (link through NaBloPoMo). Great photos - good luck in November! I'm already starting to panic as my Mother In Law arrives for a 3 week visit Nov 1st - how am I not going to post about that?!


Hi Jenny! We must be in the same area, our weather is the same and I too am not sure I'm ready for one of these Northern Wisconsin winters. Even though they haven't been all that bad the last couple of years, they are still loooong, aren't they?

Spring can never come quick enough for me.

Your son is adorable. Have a great day.


What a cute picture of your little man. I love his reflection in the glass!


hi jenny. that picture of your son is just too cute. thanks for your comments yesterday. i tried to email you back but my email is down right now. hope the weather improves where you are. take care.

jenny's mom/Tucker's GRAM

he's so adorable, i miss him so much.

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