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Kristi Sauer

Family dinner time was very important at my house, we always ate together, my mom always cooked. We still gte together at thier house once a month or so for Sunday dinner. Dbf and I eat together every night unless otherwise planned, but his family was never in to it :(


Our families always had dinner together growing up... and we plan on doing that at our house too. I would even say it's really important to us. It's hard with busy schedules, but I hope to make it work at least a few days a week. I try to plan our meals for the week and buy everything over the weekend, so that when I get home from work I don't have to think about what to make and everything's already in the fridge. SO much easier. On this week's menu: meatloaf and mashed potatoes, shrimp jambalaya, and teriyaki chicken and noodles. Hmm, I am making myself hungry. :)

We go to Tom's parents' house for dinner once or twice a month probably. My parents come here almost every week, and we go out to eat when they are here. We still eat out a lot... I love to eat out.

Leslie Collins

We do eat together as a family. Well, Reyna will sometimes eat prior to us only because of my husband's work hours. I *hope* when she is a little older, she will eat with mostly with us, too. I just don't see holding her off until 630-7 when she is hungry at 530.

I cook and I love to do it. I cook about 5-6 nights a week. Usually we are out on of the days. Usually a weekenend. I hardly ever cook on Saturday's.

We see my parents for dinner quite often. They love to have us over.

I don't usually make dessert. We eat a lot of chicken, fish, pork and pasta. Okay, we eat everything. :) Last night, I made lasagna. I bought a french baguette and I made a mixed green salad with avocado, chowmein noodles and dressing. The salad was pretty basic.

Have a great day...Great topic.


I would love to sit down and have dinner with Jon every night. Unfortunately, it rarely happens because he works full time during the day, and I go to school and work evenings. I can't wait until I have a normal job.

Sarah S.

We try to eat together as a family every night, unless my husband doesn't get home before 7:30. Matthew does well with eating a little snack if supper is going to be later. It is nice to have that sit down time as a family because it is usually the only chance we get. We also believe in teaching our children flexibility so they don't HAVE to eat at an exact time every day no matter what is going on, so far it is working with Matthew.

Nicole Barczak

We try to eat together, but on nights that we don't cook (we just "scrounge" as we call it)... we usually eat on the run or whenever/wherever we are (in the living room, office, kitchen etc). I'd say 3 nights a week we eat together, sometimes more. Tues/Thurs Ryan has school so its just Porter and I then.

jenny's mom / tucker's gramma

we always had a sit down dinner growing up. my mom's a pretty good cook!when 2 parents work tho, i think it is a little harder to swing, if you can do it tho i think you will have a closer family because of it. i wish my kids would come down to dinner once a month with me but with them an hour and a half away and they all work, i know it is almost impossible. we will live a little closer soon so hopefully then we will have our family get togethers. when i am home now my husband and i have dinner together every night. so i eat good at least one meal a day. when he works and i'm home i slack on junk most of the time.................


We always did this when we were young. My mother always had dinner on the table, the second my father got in. Time is different now. I think it is good to have a meal-time routine for kids, but it is hard. I think it's more important when they get of school age because it is a time to talk about the day.

Some people's schedules just don't allow for this. Even if you try it every so often or a couple of nights a week, I think it's good.


It's hard to have a meal together when you have kids..... And I think that if you do have a family meal consistantly, most of the time it just falls together. The work schedules jive, you have food ready/organized, blah, blah, blah. I stay at home and I still have a hard time getting us all at the table at the same time. But when I do, I feel like the kids eat better. Good luck!!


Growing up we ate every meal together as a family at the table. I loved that! However in my house it almost never happens and I hate it! I feel like I no sooner get home from work and the baby is hungry. I always have something ready for him the night before. My husband usually doesn't get home until about 45 minutes after me. Lately we've been eating after Thomas goes to bed around 7:30 and eating in the TV room. Grrrr! Hopefully this will change soon and we can eat together at my pretty table that is currently used as a catch all!

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