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Nicole Barczak

Oh sheesh the music stuff irritates me so much. I had a song on my photography website that I had purchased from iTunes. I wasn't selling it, I wasn't making money from it, I was simply using it on my website so when people visited it they hears a song with my photos. I got a letter from the music company - whoever owns the copyright to that song, and they told me I had to take it down or pay $2500 a year to use it on my website. Thanks, but no thanks.

In the photography business, there is a lot of bicker about how you can and can't use music. Many "hard core stick to the rules" photographers will tell you that even during ordering sessions you can't have music playing to "enhance" the atmosphere. And if you make slideshows for clients, adding copyrighted music is a huge no no. These photographers try to compare the situations saying that we have our photographs copyrighted and don't want our clients scanning and reproducing them, so why would we do the same to music artist. HOWEVER... my point to that is this... playing music that you paid for to make the atmosphere more enjoyable is the same as clients displaying the photographs they paid for in their home to make their decor more enjoyable... no? If you followed that "copyright" so strictly, wouldn't that mean that photographers could sue our clients houseguests who "see" our pictures on their walls without paying for the print?

Ok... I totally got off on a tangent, but it is relevant. THe music industry is taking things a little too far. If you can't put a cd you paid for on your ipod and listen to it there, thats like saying that a photographers client cannot take a 5x7 they bought and display it at their workplace... right?


Yeah.. Im really bad at that. I have itunes and some music I buy but a lot of it i download from limewire! But I think that if you bought a cd/ or music from a download that you should be able to burn a cd of it, or copy it to you ipod

jenny's mom/Tucker's GRAM

hummmmm, i don't have much time to play with the music thing but agree that it is unfair to all those artist out there making millions of dollars to be sneaking their stuff. i just wish they would share the wealth and spread it around some.............then poor people could go buy cd's instead of having their friends copy them, hummmmmmmmmm


If you've purchased it through cd's or I tunes, etc. then I think you should be able to use it however you want for your personal use. You have paid for it.

As far as getting downloads for nothing, well I think that's different and not fear for the artist.

Beverley Viljoen

it's very difficult to say because the record companies are the controlling force in this music industry, and the artists really suffer. If we get to enjoy their art all the time with out paying for it, they'll go out of business. We'll no longer get to enjoy their art.

I am shocked to learn that we can't put our cd's on to our ipods. I thought we were not allowed to make copies to SELL... it's all about money. $-(


Dear god...please don't allow Amonte's I-pod to soupenaed...ever.


kim - yes, i thought about that too. how it is really the same thing. i would not like that at all.

i guess i didn't really share my thoughts on this in my post. whoops. copyright infringement is wrong. no matter what media you refer to, it is wrong. bummer. what it comes down to is you have to buy what you want. hello itunes. :)


hmm... it seems weird that if you buy a CD you can't put it on your ipod... crazy! i don't really agree with that. i can understand the downloading thing though. being a photographer, it's kind of like if someone just copied your images off the web and printed them instead of buying the prints from you... you know?


Is that really true about downloading entire cds to an ipod?!?! Wowsers! That is unreal! Not fair man!


Holy Cow!! I gotta let some people know about this case!! I'd leave my thoughts on it, but its kinda late it kinda threw me for a loop reading the article. Thanks for sharing!

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