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jenny's mom / tucker's gram

what's in your trunk?????????????


the barefoot thing cracks me up because I grew up in the north, with snow and cannot conceive of wearing sandals in winter! Now here in Texas where it's still in the '80s...flipflops are my friend.


Great randoms.

#4 I've done this too. But mostly in my head.

#5 Ditto. I don't mind having cold feet. As long as I'm not having to wear thick socks and shoes.


ok. i'll be doing mine tommorow. i got double tagged. i love febreeze especially with lots of kids, pets and smelly cross country shoes. i love being barefoot too...but if my toes aren't painted i will not be seen barefoot or in sandals in public.


So sorry about the Days of Our Lives thing.....;)


#1: Okay, THAT'S weird! :)
#3: My friend, Karen, named a teddy bear Febreeze.


I can't get over the toe thing. That is amazing.


Hey Jenny! I did this one early in the month, but just posted a recap of it again for you on today's post about stupid blogger. ;)

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