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I, too, saw the Oprah episodes. The next day, I totally started purging things. Giving objects a place of honor... That stuck with me. I like that concept.

Wow... It sounds like you're in quite a whirlwind of challenging activities. Sending nothing but positive thoughts your way. :)

Angie G.

Hi Jenny,

You would have a really hard time at my house. Except for the occasional good cut of steak, I never buy beef! This year our goal was to get three deer because last year we got two and ran out. But if you ever come over for dinner....forget I said anything :)


I've tagged you for a noblopomo meme!


I watched the 2nd in the Oprah "hoarders" series on Saturday night, and immediately afterwards I went up to my closet and collected a big pile of stuff to take to Goodwill. I also have a few junk drawers on my 'to-do' list. Oprah is so inspiring:)


Jen, you are a rockstar.

Just wanted to say something about venison. The deer taste different up North. The deer down in the central area taste a little better. I swear it. Maybe this is something you already know. I'm sure you do, but if not... They are all corn fed or something down there so... they taste better?? Make sense?
Another thing I like to do that helps cover the taste is if you have leftover bacon grease and fry the burger in the grease:) Yeah, real healthy, huh?


jenny - just wanted yout to know that i am thinking of you.

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