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jenny's mom / tucker's gram

mine is kinda discolored to honey, i don't know what it is. i know i had some white rubbermade things for the bottom of my sink and i put them thur the dishwasher to wash them and they too turned kinda a pinkis color.

Kelli Hofeldt

Jet Dry has a thing you can put in your dishwasher to clean it out. I can't say that I have used it, I am with you, it has to be clean if I am running soup through it every day!


Mark is my dishwasher. Do you think he may be slightly discolored inside?


I've been without a dishwasher for so long (broken) I can't remember what the inside even looked like. I seem to remember you can clean it out but like you said, it's on the inside so who cares?


well - we live down where the water has some iron in it... so it has a reddish tint. i don't know what sb water is like... my parents' is awesome, but it's well water : ) just a thought.

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