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The pics are gorgeous! I love old barns!


No photo alteration is necessary... These photos are organically beautiful.


i love these pics, jen! my favorite is the one of the rusty hinge. :) i love your perspective on things.


These are so cool!


I loved these photos - it amazes me that there's so much space and opportunity out there - I come from a very crowded country and moved to an extremely expensive town/State, so the idea of an abadoned building is just completely foreign to me!

Thanks for sharing!


Once again so sorry for the loss of your grandpa. I am going through the same thing : ( The pictures are gorgeous, especially the moss one! Take care.


I really really like the one of the creek. Gorgeous. And I'm sorry for the loss of your Grandfather. It never gets easy, you just become accustomed to it.


i love those pics. beautiful.

Denise H.

WOW! What I would give to live in a secluded place like that now. There aren't many open areas like that around here anymore. Very Beautiful! I just Love old farm houses. I bet you have a lot of Great memories from your childhood!


Jenny, that farm looks like it must have been BEAUTIFUL in it's day :)

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

yes it was a beautiful place at one time with lots and lots of life, we spent alot of time there over the years. to think gramma is still alive at 95, incredible. i want to go there again one day soon, like spring maybe, and get some more pictures. it is the coolest place right now to take some pretty neat shots! see you tomorrow babe, love ya. can't wait to spend the day with my little pumpkin!!! :)

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