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My middle son as an outie and he constantly plays with it! He will left up my shirt and try to play with mine (and inie) ohh i can't stand it! He pushes in so hard to try to "pull out mommas bellie-butt"

Jen 'a member of t3'

icky poo i hate belly buttons. i just did it and i think it hurt. i dont know you are right it is a weird feeling not really painful, not ticklish, just an uncomfortable feeling. eww i just did it again. not cool no one is ever touching it again. i am going to put a cover over it.


It hurts when I push on mine!


i can not stand to have anyone touch my belly button much less stick their finger in it* my stomach is turning just thinking about it* my friends little girl sucks her thums and then rubs her belly button with her blanket *gag*

Michelle Sauer

Well, I did do this once, and it was really weird. But since I've been preggo for a long, long time, it's been an outie. My oldest loves to push it in though, she's fascinated with the outie-ness! Funny topic!


i think it kind of hurts!!!


How weird!! I totally feel the same way about my belly button... like it is attached to my core or soul, and I can't touch it. Must be some kind of scar tissue or umbilical cord nerve ending thing... what ever it is, yikes!

Nicole Barczak

Oooh I hate that feeling when Porter jams his finger into my belly button. ICK.


Funny thing, my belly button. I am not ticklish, not one tiny bit, anywhere on my body except my belly button. If someone gets to close to my inny I will totally freak out! And, I wouldn't even classify it as ticklish, it's more of an electric shock thing happening... it's horrific! [shudder] :0


I have a good belly button story... Needless to say, my belly button has been "altered" a bit since my pregnancy with twins. When my kids were about 2 or 3, they started to ask why my belly button looked kinda of funny - I jokingly told them that THEY did it to me. It's become an ongoing inside joke in our family!

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