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You should see the money people pay for kids clothes in this town - Santa Barbara is full of toddlers wearing Juicy Couture. I'm with you on the Old Navy/Gap stuff ( I wish we had a Target but I guess SB is just too damn posh). I also shop online only to dump my 'shopping cart' before clicking that final purchase. You're not alone!!

I'm praying we have another girl though so I can recycle Anna's pink Uggs her Nani just got her. They're just too cute for her to grow out of!


I rarely if ever buy name brand for the kids unless old navy and target brands count. That said, I have gone overboard in the past with my oldest...but it works out since she has two younger sibs. All combined, the girls have far more clothing than they need. It's kinda lame.


i am a giant freak about my kids clothes. amonte and i no longer have any where near the same taste so it really blows to shop for him. i buy a combination of resale and new. if i really like something i will spend some serious $$$ on it. it just depends. we buy a lot at the gap, h&m, and online funky retailers. i just love to shop. period.


Children's clothes are my weakness. I spend way too much on Ella. My favorite stores are Gap and Gymboree. I will say I never buy anything full price at Gymboree. They always have amazing sales, so as long as you know when to shop you can get their stuff for pretty cheap!

Sarah S.

I rarely pay full price unless Target or Walmart have the 3.99 shirts and pants. We are always looking at the clearance and even went to the Gap and Gymboree outlet and I still wouldn't pay their clearance prices because I could get something very similar at Target or Walmart for less paying full price. We buy more short sleeve t's and use sweatshirts so he can wear the clothes in warmer temps too.


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Leslie Collins

Great topic, Jen. I always try to shop for stuff on sale. If it's somewhere like Target, I don't worry if it's on sale. I love Target, Gap, Old Navy and Kohls'. I don't shop Gymboree too much. Not because it's too expensive, but I don't care too much for it. I would much rather go to Gap. I have bought Reyna a few expensive things for a few occasions, but I try to find sales. There are a few good children's resale stores I like. They usually have cute stuff.


I am a Target and Old Navy shopper and rarely buy anything full price. I always hit there clearance rack for the next sizes up:) I also have a friend with a daughter a few years older than mine and she passes all her clothes down!

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

i am the second hand queen, finding things from all over the country, canada included. i love picking up "different" but cute things for Tucker. i have shopped for grandchildren pre 2 years, so have alot of little cute girlie stuff just waiting for that grandaughter.............and waiting and waiting. anyways i find such nice things for such "CHEAP" prices, that way i can buy all the more for my little guy and get ALOT more for my money,,,,,,,,,,besides it's prewashed so shrinking is never a problem.


My kids are teens and while I am suckered in to buying a few things from the trendy mall stores, the majority of their clothing comes from Target & outlet malls. I am scared of Wal-Mart so I don't even bother.


i love buying clothes for my boys (though i enjoyed it more when they were younger!!!) i won't be full price for anything. i am lucky too, because the nice stuff that i have bought for john gets carried down to matt. it works out great. plus, the more i save on them, the more i can spend on me! just kidding!!!


oh jen... i LOVE me some babygap. :)

i would pay full price for certain things, but some of it is completely ridiculous to me. $40 for a sweater? uh, yeah, the giant will be wearing that for 4 minutes so that is $10 a minute. no thanks. most of the time, i only buy what's on sale. or i stop at the outlet in north branch and go to the gap there.

i also LOVE old navy. and if you go to MOA, check out H&M... they have some really cute things there too.

also, i do shop online for him... like if i'm looking at something for myself i'll look at the sale stuff for kids. you can sometimes find much better sale stuff online than you can in the stores. sure you have to pay shipping but... this time of year it's usually free or really cheap, and if you actually go shopping you're going to end up spending more than the shipping anyway. :) you're better than me, i fill up the shopping cart too, but then instead of closing up i take out everything but a couple of things and then hit the 'buy' button. :)

michelle sauer

I would never pay full price at any other store but Target. I do shop sale racks a lot, if I get out to the mall. But mostly we haven't had to buy a whole lot of clothes in the girls' short lives. We get a lot of clothes as gifts, and Bianca can re-wear Annika's clothes. I would love to shop at Gap and other more pricey stores, but they grow way to fast to really do that. I once paid a lot of money for a pair of Puma's for Annika and she outgrew them in less than a month! So, not doing that again until I know she can make them last. I'm a shopaholic, but now that I have 2 kids, I'm lucky if I can even make it inside the store, let alone browse the clothes!


I too love buying clothes for my boys. I never pay full price for anything. The nice thing about have 2 kids with the same gender, is that they can wear the same clothes. There are some things that I have that Colton wore maybe twice and now Brett's got them. Worked out nice! I live right by an outlet mall, so I hit up there sales at Gymboree, BabyGap, and Once Upon a Child. Oh, and I always hit up Target's 75% off rack at the end of a season for next year. Love it that I can get tee's for $.94!


I love buying clothes for my guy! But just like you, I hate to spend a lot of $$ knowing that he'll out grow it soon. My favorite stores are Baby Gap and Gymboree. I never ever pay full price though! I shop the sales and that's about it. I do know someone that works at Baby Gap and keeps an eye out for things when they get marked down and then uses her employee discount for me. That's the only way I am able to dress him in Gap clothing. With Gymboree.....I've done great at buying stuff on clearance for next year. A lot of his tops that he's wearing now, I actually bought last year. I love Osh Gosh too. We have an outlet nearby and I'll get great deals there. I can't leave out Walmart and Target.......I've found some great steals there too! Thomas has a Nana and a Gramma that spoil him rotten with clothes too!

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