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Nicole Barczak

I kind of freak out about my blog, but then I figure anyone can find my business website and get my information that way, so why bother being over-anal? I dunno. Maybe I should separate them and not show the link to my photography website on my blog. But then... I've mentioned my name, my full name. Oh well. But yeah, it worries me sometimes, especially when I get snarky anonymous comments.


I try not to write about my mother-in-law, but with NaBloPoMo coinciding with her coming for a 6 week visit, that might change. I'll have to try and err on the side of caution though after reading your post!


There's a few things I won't talk about on my blog, or anywhere in writing for that matter. But on the whole, I share quite a bit and figure the weirdos are everywhere, so if they really want to bug us, they'll find us whereever we are.


great topic. sure made me think about things. so far positive vibes from my fellow bloggers. still though i wouldn't be to specific either about my address etc. the water mark was a good idea. oh hope this whole thing doesn't keep me up tonight. he he!! thanx for sharing.

Leslie A. Collins

I try not to "air my dirty laundry." I don't like to get on my blog and bitch and complain about my husband or something that isn't appropriate to chat about.

I don't think that I go too deep about where I am from. I don't really worry about stalkers. I haven't really had anything happen.

It's so funny how many people whom I have met thru blogging. I have met several whom I chat with everyday. Some, I talk with on the phone now. Crazy, huh?


I think about this quite a bit. I don't use my last name nor do I name the city I live in. However, like mentioned in the other comments, if people want to find me, they will. It's kind of creepy not knowing who reads...c'mon people just comment.


It is kind scary. You never know whos reading. I just try to be careful and not use any personal info, last name, address....things like that.


damn, woman. scary shit. i assume the freaks are reading me and actually charting everything i say. as a result i also throw out periodic disinformation to shake things up a bit. for example, i'm really a man. with no kids. and i live in australia.
i've thought about password protecting for a while and came clase right before piper was born but i guess the false sense of security (ie no one has contacted me directly) won me over. as it always does. just because this isn't quite the real world doesn't mean there shouldn't be any rules. isn't it unfortunate how lame some pople are?


Just stopping by to say Happy NaBloPoMo! I've seen posts like this before, and yes, there is lots to think about. I always think I am being pretty careful, but I know it wouldn't be too hard to track me down if someone really wanted to. I wish more people were savy to blog/internet safety - I can't tell you how many times I've had to delete comments because someone used our real names.

Michelle Sauer

I try to be pretty cautious about our privacy. Having 2 young children, I need to think of them first, especially since I plaster their faces all over it. I don't mention where I live, our last name, i don't usually mention other's I know without permission. So far I've had good luck, but there are so many creepos out there, it's hard not to be wary about it. Great topic and I appreciate you sharing your story of your own personal creep!


I often wonder if some of the people I blog with are real or actually sitting in a jail cell some where! ha! Seriously though, I try to limit some personal stuff and not say anything too controversial.
Very creepy that you got actual hate mail sent to your house!
Like Kim's comment on watermarking photos. I should probably start doing that.


I got into blogging a little late, so I learned from other blogs I'd read. Ad for me, I never use my last name, and I'm not listed even if someone finds out somehow. I never mention the city I live in, or anything that give specific information about my neighborhood. I never use real names if I'm writing about somebody (friend/family/acquaintance) who doesn't know about and read my blog. I don't know why, but I don't have a problem posting pictures.

I also try to be sensitive about what I write about. I try to keep from writing anything that would be personally offensive to someone else. If I voice an opinion, I try to be clear that it's just my opinion. I don't know why I think that has to do with security other than the idea that an angry stalker is more scary to me than a nice one. :)

Great idea!


I try to be really careful, but I'm not as careful as I used to be.

I used to have a rule that I would never post pictures of myself. I set up an album that was password protected and I would give my regular readers the password. I gave up on that though, and thought maybe I was being a little too paranoid.

I never mention the city I live in on my blog or the school I attend. Only the state which is a big state.

The name that I use online isn't my first name, it is my middle name. I try not to use my first name much online because it isn't the most common of names and I don't want anyone tracking me down.

No one that I know in real life, except for my fiance, knows about my blog. I do everything possible to keep it from being easily found using my name or information in a search engine. I don't like the idea of my "real life" friends, family, and in-laws reading my thoughts all the time.

I never mention my companies by name, although I do bitch about them.


I'm not especially worried about this kind of thing, but I do try to be cautious by not giving out the exact place I live. I can't really think of anything else I do specifically. I should probably start adding watermarks to my photos so people can't take them and pass them off as their own...that would really creep me out!


yeah, i think about this a lot. not just with blogging, either... i was actually telling tom just the other day that i kind of wish we had an unlisted phone number so that someone can't just pick up a phone book and that easily find our address... you know? but, i agree with denise that if someone really wanted to find me, they could.
and i also do not talk about work, except in very general terms.
one thing i think i am going to start doing though is putting a watermark on my photos... i have done it before but only when it's been a picture of someone else's kid... i think i will start putting it on all of mine though. i know that people have had trouble with others getting their hands on pics of their kids. so, this was good reminder for me to start doing that. :)


hmm. i was just recently thinking about this after i got some hate mail sent directly to my email about a post. i think i may have to sit down and make some rules.

Denise H.

HaHa! This is why I was scared to start a blog. I didn't want some psycho out there finding me. I do worry about that happening and try not to mention the state or town that I live in or mention my name very often. However, I think that if some sycho out there really wanted to find me they most likely could. Good Rules though!

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