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I'm with you on the Black Friday thing. My husband and I went last year for a TV (we ended up with a fabulous TV for only $400 - weee!), but I realized that the whole mindset of that day turns me into a raging beeyotch. I try to stay away from that as much as possible.

We decided not to go this year because anything we thought about purchasing was moreso a "want" than a "need". So we slept in instead. (:

Oh, and midnight snacks are the greatest snacks ever.

Big Time Fancy

I've gone out on Black Friday ONCE. And there's a way to going about it that makes it a lot less stressful.

For one, do not go at 4am. It's a zoo. And sleep is awesome.

For two, if your mall has a Sears as an anchor store, and there's a door to that Sears in the hardware section? Park as close as you can to that door. There WILL be parking.

For three? Go around 7 or 8 pm. All the early-day shoppers are sleeping, and most people are earing dinner. Also, lots of people are unaware that most malls institute holiday hours. Crowds tend to thin out around 7:30, and it's clear sailing from then on.

(I used to work at a TREMENDOUSLY huge suburban mall. I think it's like, number three behind mall of america.)


The most I ventured out yesterday was to Target because, well, we needed to go to Target and we were awake. Got some great deals on movies. That's it. I hate shopping on Black Friday. I leave that to other people in my house.


i ventured out. i saved lots of $$$ but bought no presents. just clothes my kids needed now. it was easier than making breakfast for my gang.


I went to Michaels to get Cmas decorating stuff. And all we got accomplished was Dane ripped all the poinsetta leaves off as I went down the aisle:) hehe.. It was terrible. I had the 2 kids with me, the deals were NOT sweet (probably because I got there at 10am), and the cashier messed up with my coupon so I had to go back! Grrr... I NEVER go out on Black Friday simply because I hate getting up early!

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