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Aaah, that's sweet. They do grow up way to fast though. My little B will be 1 in 2 1/2 weeks. Where did the time go???


he is sooo cute! i think the cars obsession is a boy thing.


TJ loves Cars too, but he loves Thomas the Tank Engine more. So he has a "Thomas" obsession.:)

Those pics are too cute btw.


Jenny these pictures of Tucker are adorable!! They are really nice shots!
What kind of settings do you set your camera to? (if you don't mine me asking)

Sarah S.

We have the Cars obsession in our house too..only, it started with me! I have a cars cooking apron and Matthew has started to recognize Lightening McQueen and gets all excited when he sees Lightening on anything. Oddly, he doesn't sit still for 5 minutes and has no interest in watching any movie for longer than those 5 minutes!

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