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i have a couple neighbors i am so putting on there!!!!!


that is pretty good. we have a rotten neighbor. just ONE. the rest are great. just so happens that the rotten one is closest to us. great. let me list for you since i always love to vent about my rotten neighbor:

1) he (they) have called the cops when we were out burning our cardboard (NOT GARBAGE) which they reported... the officer pulled up and got out of his car - first thing he asks - "do you folks have problems with any of your neighbors?" HA HA!

2) their dog bit my son. they came over and when they were explaining what happened said this phrase: "we said if this ever happened again we would put him down" - WTF!!! EVER HAPPENED AGAIN?? why was this dog out running with children if this was a potential risk?

3) when we first moved in the dude came over constantly when we were outside - beer in each hand, drunk, and there was no way to get rid of him except go in the house and stay there.

4) they said they left their LAST place because of "trouble with the neighbors".... hmmm.....

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