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Denise H.

I Feel for you! Below Zero! I don't think that I could do it. It gets below zero here but not that often. BRRR

Sarah S.

Take a look at the pictures on our site of our living room. Our couches are sage green but so light that they look tan next to a lot of colors. We did cranberry on 2 walls and the other color is called wild honey. Our curtains are the cranberry. The sun is affecting what color the curtains look, but they actually match the paint really well.

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

can't wait to see the new look, me and pumpkin enjoyed the living room yesterday while cleaning, i think he thought it was pretty cool with the couches all together in a pile in the middle of the living room. we had a great day together!!! can't wait to see him again.........sunday :) :) about the paint if you go like a cranberry, i wouldn't go toooo dark. it will show every little imperfection also, remember that............good luck.........on the curtains too. the last ones i made for you served you well these past ones will look real nice......


Yay for Friday's!!!!

Have fun with Kim and max.

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