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Snow always seems so pretty.... but in reality, I think that I would HATE living in it. It's always fun to visit though. Hope you had a fun night out.


have fun tonight!

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

have a good time at the party, we were up at the land working, must of had 5 inches by the time we lift and still snowing. we're going to have a white christmas this year. i am looking forward to the snow right now, i want to get a new pair of snow shoes!!! i am going to get into snowshoeing alot this year. it's a promise to myself. what is your promise to yourself this winter?


i will say it again - yay for snow! this time we're supposed to get more than you. enjoy!


ewwww. snow. they say a big storm is on the way here. uggg. of course i have to work in the nursery at church sun and will have to go out in it. life is cruel. hope god gives me some bonus points for that one.


have fun at the party! :) say hi to my parents - they were hoping that a lot of people won't show up because of the snow... so that they'd have a better chance at winning the prizes. :)

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