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i hope your teeth are better. i am paranoid about teeth (or more by what it costs to fix them- kills my shopping budget if i need to go to the dentists!!! ha ha ha)

Denise H.

You made my teeth hurt just reading that. I also hate the sound that the tool makes. I think that it sounds like a Gremlin.


I hate going to the denstist! hate hate hate it! I went 27 years with no cavities and was devastated when I had one this past visit. I'm horrible with the flossing stuff too and always get yelled at for it! When I got married, I had two infected wisdom teeth. It was awful. I was so sick at my wedding. After my honeymoon I had to have them out and I was more nervous for that than I was for the back surgery I had 10 years ago! Yup, HATE the dentist!


Ugh! I absolutely HATE going to the dentist. The sounds and smells make me want to run screaming from the building. Hope you're feeling better today!


I feel for you however I did chuckle with the comment of your face hanging down to your knees. That is a horrible feeling. I too can't stand the noises of the tools that they use. I think that makes it hurt even more!


I HATE the dentist, and I swear it's not just because I'm British! I couldn't agree with you more, that burnt teeth smell - and the pain of keeping my mouth open for minutes at a time, and the fact that my dental insurance never seems to cover anything, and well pretty much everything. I feel for you!!

Sarah S.

I've never had a cavity fixed but I hated getting them filled. The last time I had one I asked the dentist to do it without novacane because it gave me such a bad headache. I'd prefer the non-novacane method if I get another was a lot better for me!

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

i'm the dental queen, because of gum disease (inhearited) i have to go every 3 months for cleanings and they give me the gas, it is a nice little high, but still am jolted in my seat because of the sensitivity of the electric tool they use to clean my teeth, it's like a tiny water jet thing, i say a mini jack hammer to scrape along your gum line, so don't cry about a little cavity. but yes, floss, floss, floss. i have taken the best care of my teeth for YEARS and the issure is inherited. i love teeth, they are important so try to do everything possible to keep them. oh ya jenny, look at Tuckers front left tooth, there is a little tiny chip out of it, what gives with that? i noticed it today, you may want to bring him in so they can file it................good luck. and one more thing, when i go to the dentist and know they are doing work i don't like i bring my ipod and listen to the music....REAL LOUD. they don't mind a bit. do it next time you visit. music makes things much, much better!!!

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