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Denise H.

HaHa! That is Funny!

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

cute picture! i think he was singing, ya know he's a good little singer, we did sing the other day when i was spending the day with him. oh how about the holiday party? how was it?????? see you tomorrow kiddo.... merry christmas everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ha! Cute picture! You could easily find random things like that around my house. For instance, I still have a Thanksgiving hand towel hanging on the door to my oven and two Thanksgiving placemats out! My house is hurtin for holiday decorations this year...........those holidays just snuck up too quickly! Merry Christmas!!


love it! merry christams!


cute picture, jenny. have a great christmas.


I SWEAR I wasn't drinking when I wrote that first comment...just not paying attention...but you know what I mean;)


Ha....are you going to answer the holiday part get together questions?


Haha Jenn, i have sh*t lying around everywhere. I've still got some thanksgiving decorations up....and the christmas ones are still in their totes......its like is it even worth getting em out? haha....i guess i just work too much.

how was the holidazzle get together at the lounge? hope everyone had fun!

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