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Denise H.

I LOVE the Camera Strap. Where did you see them? I know, very Fun! Thanks to Jess.


Oh thats funny! Secret Santa is lots of fun! I am still waiting on my package...I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loooove those camera straps and I've been drooling over them myself for quite a while.
Hmmm... maybe I should have joined in on the Secret Santa thing! I was but I was at the point where I was feeling overwhelmed with gifts already. Definitely next year. So fun!
And how funny you got matched up with Kim!!
Have fun with your new pretty for your camera!


oh and also i love your new blog look, and the wall color! sorry, i'm a little behind on the times in my blog reading ;) can't wait to see it!


HAHA and i even tried to disguise my handwriting!! :) tom was with me when i mailed it and i thought about having him write your address... i should have!
i'm glad you liked it. i sort of cheated i guess by just getting something you had mentioned, but hey, i was supposed to read your blog and find out about you, right?!? :)
for anyone wondering - i got the camera strap at! the seller i bought them from is vmjess, her stuff is soo cute! i might have to invest in one for myself ;)
love ya jen!


That is such a cool camera strap!
Where could one find something like that?
I totally wish I did the Secret Santa thing :( Maybe next year!

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