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Denise H.

HaHa! That is Funny! I bought the stuff to make those Bacon things for our Christmas Party and Christmas Eve. They Look YUMMY!

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

oh funny to leslie to mention the muni...i'm 47 and that is my child hood (of age) hang out also. spent many a night's at the children seem to be carrying on the tradition of hanging out there....only i think they are doing a little better job of it..... have a good party honey. don't put the cheese in the cupboard tho???? it belongs in the fridge......just a personal long ago memory...........merry christmas to all of jenny's bloggie friends. i have enjoyed reading jenny's blog and all of your comments. who would have thought 20 years ago we would be living a life like we are today. computers, e-mail, digital cameras, and blogs................funny


Yeah, I am so excited for our party!!! Its going to be a blast. I am really excited to give Tucker his xmas present too. I love how excited little kids get when they open presents!!! Maybe I should have just gotten him a whole bag of suckers. Just think how excited he would be then.


I see you mention the muni quite often. What is it?

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