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Depends on what I'm writing. Work stuff, I make my list and check it twice. Emails, I use all sorts of slang. IM and text messages, the shorter and messier the better. And then there's the mood writing. Uh, yeah.

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

my writing is different everyday of the week, it was always nice in high school coz i would forge my own absent note from my mom and dad coz i could forge their handwriting..., not funny. anyways i don't like to use the shift key either when i'm doing e-mails etc. it goes much faster for me this way. i don't use cursive that often either, use lower case most of the time..................

Anne W

hi jen! i laughed when i read this entry, because i am the exact same way. in school if i didn't like how something looked after a few lines i would flip to the next page and start again. just a few years ago my mom was cleaning out some old totes full of stuff like notebooks and she was fuming because of all of the wasted paper, LOL. i also do the lower case letters thing most of the time, but sometimes i guess i do things the right way too...depends on what mood i am in....
as for spelling and punctuation, i am kind of anal that way, but maybe not so much with the grammer...
LOL, liked this post!! stay warm, i hear there is getting to be alot of snow up north!


I think everyone hates there own handwriting!!! Hahah!!! On certain days I like mine, others well not so much. Ha!
When I make lists though, I like them to look nice. If I start a list and its looking "crappy" or not they way I want, then I start the entire list over again!

As for capitals and punctuation. When I type, it is just habit to use the shift key to Capitalize things when I type. MKaybe from all those years in elementary, middle and high school where I had typing classes???


as a teacher i spend my day teaching/reminding/expecting my students to capitalize their I's, proper nouns, and the first letter in their sentences... but at the end of the day, i break my own rules and expectations... you'll notice in my writing that i toss out the capital letters and complete sentences and just ramble on with random thoughts tied together by a trail of dots... but i guess it does depend on what i am writing and who i'm writing to.... and actually, now that i think about it... i break the rules with my punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure more when i'm typing than when i hand write something... hmm ..interesting.

oh and another thing... i don't use my shift key when capitalizing my letters, i have always hit the caps lock button... even if it's just for one letter.

p.s. so do we have kenneth to thank for sparking this interest in our daily writing skills....or for some of us...lack of applying our skills?


It is SO FUNNY that you really don't have a shift key. Serves me right for being so facetious.

Denise H.

I never noticed that you don't use the shift key until you mentioned it. haha When I have the time, I will re-write something that doesn't look like my best handwriting. Otherwise, when I am busy my handwriting just SUCKS and I don't have the time to care. As for my blog, I try to write everything with correct grammar. Although, I would Hate it if an English Professor read it. They would have a Hay Day!


Like you, I have to write proper at work. I write letters every day and have to be very careful. When it comes to my blog.......I throw all of that out the window and write exactly how things are in my head! There are no grammar rules on my blog!! HA!
As for handwriting.......I too, am anal about it. I will rewrite things as well until I like how it looks. Even if it's a little post it note for a coworker at work.


haha! What a great post! Love the topic!

As you can see, my husband thinks my worst habit in writing is too many exclamation points!!! lol!

Seriously though, I've always hated my handwriting too, mostly my cursive. I actually don't think I've written in cursive in 15 years. Usually I find though, that I like my handwriting in my lists and notes and stuff, and then when I'm trying to make it nice like in a card or photo album or something, I hate it.

I used to always write my name in all lowercase. I think it's cute too. :)
I tend to want to skip the shift key when I type... I try to use it on my blog, as I know certain people who find that irritating, but I still find myself writing emails in all lowercase, when it's to friends I know. It just feels more relaxed or I just don't feel the need to worry about it. funny little thing, that shift key!

My husband doesn't use capitals or any punctuation in his emails and it actually drives me nuts. I need punctuation. otherwise its just one long run on sentence that gets me all confused about where you're putting emphasis and how i should be reading the sentence.
Also, I'm kind of anal about spelling. I feel like it interrupts my flow of reading or something. Same as punctuation. I'm weird.

That's pretty funny about your missing shift key though! Good excuse!

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