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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!! mine is to try not to swear and complain. With all them grandchildren we have to watch our mouths. As we know how they pick up on the words that they shouldn't. Love NA NA


i'm so with ya on the chub!


Yeah I need to potty train my son *sigh*. We have tried and tried and he is so freakin' stubborn! Hmmm....wonder where he gets that from? Me? OH NO!! ;)
And I too need to lose some chub...rofl

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

to start donating lots of stuff so i won't have to take it with us when we move :) and to also loose some chub :)) (that's a double chin, he,he,he)
and to continue making a lasting relationship with my little tucker and also my you all and Happy New Year....

mr. masters

to treat everybody as you would like to be treated.

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