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Happy New Year! Sounds like you guys had a blast. Resolutions...I have so many but I decided that my first one is to try and quit being a perfectionist. I figured that will make everything all the bit easier : )


I don't make resolutions. Happy New Year, and love the new pic on the header.


Hmmm, I was in bed at 11pm. So, I missed the new year. But, Bianca was up at about 2, so I guess I rang in the new year a little late! Sounds like you had a blast. Happy New Year. You already know my resolutions!


Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy new year!

As for my resolution, I'm cutting out all soda. Well, except for Izze because I figure it's just fruit juice and sparkling water, right? Right? (Just nod, please.) :)


i love apples to apples and played it at the family new years celebration too.

res: drink more water


ooooh resolutions! Too many to list all of them. I figure if I give myself a bunch, then there's at least one that I can stick with. Get T-man to sleep in his own bed, lose 10 lbs, workout at least 3 x a week, get to work by 7:30 every day, less take out, get to know my camera better, oh the list goes on! Happy New year!!


yes, it is 2008, but that doesn't mean I'll remember not to write 2007 at work tomorrow...

sorry, no resolutions around here - too much pressure!

happy new year ;)


Happy New Year!! We had some friends and family over for New Year's Eve, and we too had artichoke spinach dip! Yum!

This year I am DETERMINED to :
1.lose some "chub"..rofl
2.potty train my son..:)
3.have a great first year with my Pampered chef business
4.keep up on my housework, so it doesn't pile up!!


happy new year! lovin your header!

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

my resolutions are to donate as much junk as possible to empty my house before moving, to loose some chub, and to try to spend more time with my family (my kids and grandkids) and to start a BLOG. just to see if anyone cares to read it...Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!! 2008 WOW


Hey Jenny!

Happy New Year! Thanks for asking, my resolutions are to lose the blubber around my chubby everything... by drinking lots of water, not eating high fructose corn syrup (I've already been doing this for a month), exercising at least once a day if only for a walk; also save enough money to buy a new camera to take beautiful pictures like you - my little Cybershot is OK, but not fabulous.


happy new year, jenny. i have a ton of resolutions, as always. i usually don't stick to them though. this year, i hope to.

lose a couple of pounds around the belly area.

drink more water.

get more creative with scrapbooking, gifts, cards and such.

take a picture a day.

the list goes on.....

hope you had a great new years!


happy new year! my resolutuin.... to be happy with whatever life brings me. and oh too lose a little chub!!!(btw, love that word!!!)

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