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Way to go!!!!! You sound like your brother in law now. Miss lucky. Good luck during the super bowl!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats! Winning is such a great feeling and it is awesome when you get a couple hits at one time!


Contrats! I watched all year on who was in first and it was always you. But I got third! Yay for me! I'm putting my winnings with my Christmas gift cards and getting something really cool...but I don't know what that will be yet. Probably clothes.


congratulations on your winnings!!! about the superbowl..... it's clear the patriots will win!!! put your money on them!!! lol


Yay you! Sounds like a great start to you year!


Wow....lucky lady!! I am not really into football. I really enjoy basketball though!

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

you got lucky didn't you........good luck with the super bowl....can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!


Well that makes up for your day at the car wash! I want to win.

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