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I wear an Anne Klein. AFFORDABLE and comfortable. Plus, for some reason, I really like their 2 tone styles. Matches both gold and white gold type jewelry on your hands??
My 2 1/2 year old still naps 2 hours in the afternoon. She probably gets 10 hours at night. I think it has something to do with adding those 2 numbers up:) But, the old saying, "A Well Rested Child Rests Well". Love it.
Can't wait for the refund either. Plus, this other refund from the Feds. Go Bush!
My room sucks. I have a $2500 mattress that sucks. Our backs both hurt. I have no bedroom furniture. I DO have a weight bench in my room too! WTF? If my husband was RIPPED, I bet I wouldn't mind it being there:)


i currently have 3 watches. 1 guess, 1 fossil and 1 kenneth cole. i love them all. my bedroom is a giant storage unit. it sucks and i would love to be able to do someting zen with it...i desperately want my refund. show me the money!!!!


This has nothing to do with your thoughts for thursday...but I thought you might like to add a blog to your list of blogs to read everyday lol, like you don't have enough to do;)

Anne Wright

1. Thought I was being all inventive when I was reading the post and thought about the mesh cabinet liners, but looks like it wasn't an original idea at all. I do like Kim's bath mat suggestion tho, sounds like it could do the same job/serve the same purpose...
2. I try to wear watches but they just bug me. Mostly I carry my cell phone or there are clocks all over at work.
3. I've been waiting for my refund since like.......August! Bought a car last year, felt the burn.
4. Can't really help you there I guess.
5. Total storage space, and my walk in closet doesn't help. When I am gonna have people over I just put stuff in there, adn its overflowing!

kristi sauer

2. I have a Citizen watch, mother of pearl rectangle face with diamond border, silver and diamond band. It was a special gift :)


1. Rubber cabinet liners. Cut them in pieces to go under the legs of chairs and stuff. Works great!
2. I don't wear a watch. Just use my cell phone to tell the time like Heather.
3. I usually get excited about our refund, but this year the hubby is going to use all of it to build a pole barn, so yeah....all the excitement went out the window knowing I have to help him with another one of his "projects". ( I was thinking more like "newer car", but I guess not!)
4. TJ doesn't take naps anymore. He is definitely tired, but will not sleep.
5. My bedroom is a mess right now. We have no headboard for our bed, messed up drywall and crap from the chimney leaking, and plain old boring white walls. The hubby did ask me the other night if I would like to re paint the room after he fixes the water damage. Sure I would....just have No idea when he will ever get to fixing the mess so I can!!


Hey Jenny, I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before in your earshot (blog shot? eye shot? what would the term be in this case??) but my absolute favorite book when it comes to kids and their sleep habits/issues/help with solutions is Marc Weissbluth's "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". It's definitely worth a read if you're struggling with Tucker and his sleeping (or lack thereof!).

Sarah S.

1. I'd suggest the same stuff as Anne, it's usually pretty cheap and can be found with the shelf paper.
2. I have a watch. I used to wear it everyday because I can't stand not knowing what time it is, especially when sitting in class and the teacher is talking that I've had a child, I only wear the watch when we go out of the house. It's a cheap one I bought at Target
3. I don't get excited, but the refund is nice and often times we have plans for it before we know how much it will be.
4. Matthew takes about a 2 hour nap everyday. If he doesn't take one, he is literally falling over in the evening and will just fall asleep where ever he is at, and he doesn't sleep well at night when he hasn't had a nap because he gets overly tired and can't settle down.
5. Our bedroom is purple amethyst with a grayish/silver strip. We are still waiting to purchase a new/bigger bed so now we just have a full with a khaki comforter.


1. The webby stuff is called rug-gripper. Works great.
2. I wear a "golf-watch", it clips on one of my belt loops. I don't have to bother with the wrist thing.
3. We haven't done our taxes yet, we always just plan,hope, to break even.
4. My children are 37 and 39, but their children stopped around age 4. I think my stopped about then too.
5. Our bedroom is just a bedroom. I painted it a wonderful sagey shade of green. We get lots of light in there. I have a pillow that has a dip in the middle. I cradles my neck when I sleep on my back. The sides, are firm so my head is supported when I sleep on my side.


1. You can buy this rubbery stuff, it's sort of a mesh type thing. I think it's meant to line kitchen cabinets so your glassware doesn't clink around and get chipped. I know people cut it up and put it under rugs to create a no-slip surface. And I use it under a cutting board so it doesn't slide around the counter.

2. I have an Anne Klein watch I've owned for only 1 year. About a month ago I dropped it on the floor and the hands are all f-ed up now. I brought it in, and Macy's would have to ship it out to Anne Klein to have the hands tightened, which could cost $50-$80. Dude, it's not an expensive watch. But it bugs me not wearing one.

3. My husband does the taxes. I could care less.

4. I have an almost-9 month old and when he goes from two naps to one, I will cry. If he stops taking naps altogether a may check myself into an asylum:) I think I would push for the mandatory "quiet time" for an hour in the afternoon. If he sleeps, great. If he just "reads" or plays- at least you had some time to yourself.

5. Our bedroom is painted yellow. I wouldn't have chosen it, but the wall color and window treatments came with the house, and I'm not about to paint it all! So I found bedding and some 'accents' to match and I'm happy with it for now. I HATE when my room becomes disheveled and messy. I can't relax or sleep well when there are messes around me in the bedroom! But I've gotten more used to that now since we've had a baby. There are toys, laundry, and STUFF everywhere.

Denise H.

1. I'm not sure but the bath mat sounds like it would work.
2. I have never worn a watch. They bother me! :)
3. I can't wait too! And, am hoping for a refund to help pay for our new house!
4. No kids yet. :(
5. I just finished my bedroom and I LOVE IT! It is very calming, soothing and I LOVE to be in there. We have black furniture with silver accents, a tan bed spread and tourquiose drapes and accents. I will post a picture on my blog for you to see.


1. for our couch that's on tile floor, we just bought a no-slip bath mat, i think it was. cut that sucker up with scissors and put little pieces of it underneath the little legs. you could probably just use one whole one under a recliner, i'd guess. easy and cheap.
2. anne klein. tom bought it for me a bunch of years ago and it still looks pretty good.
3. i LOVE tax time. even though i'm not sure what our refund situation will be like this year, i'm pretty sure i just love using turbotax. dork alert.
4. i practically have to drag my child out of his crib before he naps all day, so this does not apply. however, the thought of napless days terrifies me.
5. in our old house, we had a gorgeous light blue color on the walls with light brown carpet and mostly all white bedding and white curtains. black and white pictures from our first dance at our wedding. i loved that bedroom. in our new house: we have a purple ceiling and a floral border, and some seriously interesting valances. i'll have to take a picture for you. in other words, i'm redecorating soon. i hope. oh and i have no idea what kind of pillow i have, something cheap from target probably. :)


can't wait for my refund! i wear a nike sports watch except i can't find it right now. it's somewhere buried on top of my messy bureau. does that tell you the state of my bedroom. it's actually a nice room. i just need to hang some pictures and clear of my bureau- someday!

john napped until 4 and well matt barely napped- ugh!!!


1. maybe there's some sort of rubber bottomed covers for the feet? I mean, I know there's felt ones to protect hardwood, but it seems like there's gotta be anti-slip ones.
Okay, I googled real quick and this was the first thing I came up with:

2. I don't wear a watch. I use my cell phone to tell time when I'm out of the house.

3. I always look forward to getting taxes done and out of the way... and getting my money back!!

4. Savannah gave up naps about 2 months before Sawyer was born. Just when I needed them the most, haha! She was 2 1/2. And she still needed them. She's just too stubborn. She still to this day has a 'rest time' from 12:30 or 1 to 2 o'clock in her room. She can read books, but she needs to rest and stay quiet. She still falls asleep about once a week. Sawyer still naps good and I think that'll stay around for awhile. I was spoiled when I nannied... I had a two big sleepers. The older one was still taking almost three hour naps going into Kindergarten!! (and they still went to bed at 7:30 at night!) Now I can only hope!

5. Our bedroom is in between. After moving this summer, I didn't think it would be getting done or have a complete set of furniture for quite awhile, so it became the catch-all. But then we found our new armoire and I cleaned everything up, hung some stuff on the wall and found new bedding. Now I'm anxious to get the walls painted and all the finishing touches to make it "pretty". It's mostly all in blues (a slate color really) and black and white. I'm trying not to let it get too "cold" feeling, but soothing. I was about to ask for advice on my own blog on this stuff.
Oh, and I need a new pillow too.

Happy Thursday!


I have the same issue with my furniture upstairs - I'm anxiously awaiting somebody to post with an answer
no watch for this girl - i usually have my cell phone with me or my work pager
Colton stopped taking naps after he turned 3, Brett still takes 2 naps a day! love love love nap time. luckily my kids don't have bedtime/sleeping issues. they love to sleep.
my bedroom sucks. it has horrible furniture that was a hand-me down. One of those things we just haven't gotten around to buying yet!


1. You could try something like this:
2. I have a watch that I got about 5 years ago that I love. It's a Raymond Weil that was given to me as a graduation present from my husband. I feel naked without it!
3. Yup, can't wait for our refund too!
4. My child has sleep issues too! Can't help you with this one. He WILL NOT stay in his bed at night! Grrrr!
5. My bedroom is finished but it is real small. It's usually messy with clothes all over the place! As far as a pillow goes, I'm on the hunt for a new one too!

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