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if you post it on the internet you loose any right to privacy. period. yes it can be used against you and in some cases it should be. not supervising your teen on the internet or checking into what they are doing is pure negligent parenting.

Jen 'a member of t3'

I think they should have community education classes to educated parents on how to monitor their kids online. Especially if they have young children. All parents need to watch how to catch a predator.


I didn't have time to read all the comments but I'm pretty sure we are all on the same page. IT'S COMMMON SENSE!! Where is the common sense these days????
Kids don't think there are consequences anymore and I'm pretty sure it's driving me crazy!
Reminds me of your graduation..... I'm sure I don't have to say anymore.
But parents should have a hand on all aspects of their kids lives. They are kids and are not ready to face some of the consequences that can truely happen. The scary, really bad consequences which ultimately do happen. A 12 year old chatting for God's sake....
Anyway, good post. Way to get everybody united.
I'll talk to my mom about yoga!! Saw that on Leah's:) I know she was thinking about offering some classes but... IDK, must not have went anywhere. I bet if you get a few people together that would like to do a class, she would offer one. Sounds like you can get a latte afterwards too:) hehe...

christy Kennedy

I have often wondered about that situation-- I have even asked kids who I know post pics like that-- and say aren't you embarrassed- don't you care or worry? Their response-- "NO". The apathy kills me. I think it's a hard line for schools, community leaders etc.- they are not doing it at school-- however what makes me even more sick is their parents don't care!! CRAZY! I am not a mom- I pray Jesus comes back before my kids are teens (half joking/half serious). I think the world is hard-- I think it's sad when even bright kids I know do this kind of stupid stuff-- shamelessly. It makes me wonder what our future will be like.

Great topic!


If you post it, you are responsible for it. I didn't have facebook or anything like that in HS, but We also didn't bring in our party photos to school to show off either. Which is basically what they are doing.
I'm not altogether comfortable with my stepson, 11, using messenger and having a facebook page, but his mom said it was fine. I'm hoping she monitors it.


I agree with you Jenni! If they were stupid enough to go against the rules and the POST pics and stuff about it, they have no room to talk. They should be angry with themselves not the school!
I have noticed that kids nowadays are so cocky! They think the world revolves around them, and they should be able to do or say whatever they want!
I certainly AM NOT raising a child like that! I used to think my parents were too I realize how much their "being strict" has helped me!!
Thanks Mom and Dad!

kristi sauer

I recently posted some OLD pictures of myself and friends from college on Facebook and a concerned dotcomrade e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that as an educator I need to be especially careful about the pics I post. Apparently teachers in NY have been FIRED for posting pics of themselves drinking. I now know there is a feature that you can set Facebook photos to be visible ONLY to people who are added as your friends. I think that is taking it to the extreme to fire a teacher for posting photos (and I do not know specifics about that case), but I do understand we are role models and have to be extra careful.


Hi Jenny.
I am almosyt 21 ( 9) more days! Anyway..I know A TON of people that have facebook and myspace. And in my opinion I think that they are stupid for sharing SO MUCH information... it is a known fact to many people that employers and administrators look at myspace and facebook to see what that future employee/student do in their free time.
If someone is going to put pictures of their underage drinking etc... then they should keep in mind that more people look at myspace/facebook then they may think.

Good topic for this week!

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

when we were in high school in the late 70's we found out who did what and what party was where by word of mouth, not e-mail, not cell phone, the phones at home had a 8 foot cord attatched so what you said was mostly heard by whoever was at home. things were alot different. we had about 4 people in computer class. the room i swear was 8x10 if that. it's probably a janitors closet now. so anyways to get to what we're all talkin about, yes these kids should be punished. this is 2008. what you put out there is everyones fair game, unless you do post a security on it, but then it isn't really full proof anyway. you have plenty of time to do your drinking after you get out of school and if you're smart the best thing to do is quit. alot of young people today push it too far with drinking. still. hopefully, yes, jenny, your generation will wake up long before the doors to the rehab places are bursting at the seems. so punish the kids, they should pay the price. maybe they will learn a lesson..........


I think I am with everyone else. Kids these days seem to have a "you can't touch me" attitude. There is no fear of anything and most times fear is a motivating factor in following the rules.
Side note*
My new Camera is a Canon S5IS. I love the recording feature because it lets me record and take pictures at the same time. Like I said, I am still learning and my kids always have the same pose lately - crying.
We've all got the cold bug around here. Thanks for posting!


My daughter and I just had this conversation! She was saying that she knows the administrators as school are reading their myspace pages. Kids have gotten in trouble, especially where sports are concerned. I'm with you. If you are doing this stuff, don't frickin put a picture of you doing it on your myspace! Are you stupid? Talk about absolute proof.

Not only are high schools using it, but colleges are looking at them when it comes to potentially accepting kids into their school and we KNOW employers are looking at them. Look at how many people have been fired or not hired due to the contents of their pages.

Private settings or not, these are public places where you are 'spilling your guts' so to speak. Lord knows I have overshared on my blog. Learning the hard way is NO fun.

Great topic.

Sarah S.

I do not think myspace or facebook are considered private, even if you mark your profile as private and only allow your "friends" to view it. It's on the internet and I'm sure there are people out there who know how to break into those "private" accounts. This reminds me of when I was in high school and the students complained about the cops and school officials suspending them from sports because they got caught drinking. Last I checked, it wasn't the cops or school officials doing the wrong thing, it was the person who got caught. Sad how parents will try defending their kids when it is clear they did something wrong.

I did have a cell phone when I was in high school. At first I took one of my parents' phones when I was traveling out of town with a sports team. I was only supposed to use it to call home for a ride. I'm sure my dad monitored the bill quite closely. Once I started driving, I did have my own cell phone but again, my dad got the bill and I was too scared to even think about using it for the wrong reasons, I didn't want to have to hear about it later!

I'm sure when Matthew is old enough to use a computer we will be pretty strict about it. And, his dad will have all the security measures taken care of considering he works with internet and networking stuff for a living.


I agree, and especially with what Michelle said, about kids who more and more often nowadays think they're too good for discipline... that they are above consequences and anyone who actually does inflict consequences on them is wronging them or infringing on their rights.
I think that is the ultimate issue here... yeah, they were stupid for doing those things being that young or breaking the team pledges they did, and also bragging about it or letting it be aired out all over the internet, but they need to take some responsibility. It seems rare for kids (and their parents) these days to be okay with being held accountable for their actions, and that's pretty scary.

I almost don't even want to think what it'll be like when are kids are that age!

Good topic today Jen!
I finally jumped back on the TFT wagon too!


I am with you Jen!

If you post it, whether you are 10 or 110 years old, whether you have facebook, myspace, blogger, typepad, etc. or you are writing a term paper you've got to take responsibility for it. If you're doing something you aren't supposed to, or if your are bad-mouthing somebody, or copying somebody else's work, you need to own your behavior - or just don't do it s-t-u-p-i-d!

Back when I was a teenager in the '80's, computers were VERY new and no one had one at home unless you super rich. The phone was still attached to the wall and the push button phone was relatively new, let alone cell phones which were gigantic and only installed in your car.

Personally, I think it is wrong to say "I didn't have that when I was a kid, so neither should you" because really every generation can speak to that philosphy and do we really not want ourselves or our children to progress with the current technology because of our own fears?

You're right, responsibility is the ticket. Parents should step up to the plate and teach it to their kids. These parents that are mad because their kids are going to be punished for posting underage drinking pictures on the internet need to step back and look at the real problem.

BTW, my kids both have cell phones. Not that I wanted them to, my husband did it for safety & communication reasons. They don't have text minutes and we all share the same amount of phone minutes and there has never been abuse.

Sorry for the long comment. But you asked. :)


I'm with ya on this one Jenny. I read the story yesterday and was appalled at some of the comments made by these students. Since when is myspace and Facebook a private forum? Unless you choose to make your profile private, it is accessible to everyone! Fact of the matter is, they broke the rules/law and they should pay the penalties. If you want to keep your life private, don't sign up at these sites! If you ask me, it's just another case of "children" thinking they've been wronged, when in reality they are just being punished because they broke a rule. It's not like the administration is out to get them, they'd much rather brag about good students than kids who are in the wrong.

As far as the internet goes, I don't have issues. They are too young. But, as far as monitoring what they are doing, hell yeah I will. There are way to many perverts out there, and with 2 little girls, I can't be too careful. I hope that I will raise them to make the right choices, but you better believe I'll be watching, just in case... Oh, and the cell phone thing... Really, is it necessary? I didn't have one when I was a kid. I was expected to get my butt to a phone and call when I was asked. If you ask me, kids are given way too many freedoms nowadays. In my opinion, you have to earn trust and these kids think they just deserve it. Ok, off my soap box now! Great topic.

Denise H.

I did watch Supernanny last night. WOW! I am also glad that I know more about the computer so that when I have kids, I can monitor what they are doing online. I am SCARED to death of people even finding me from my blog and I am an adult. To think about a young kid being stalked and found from some dirty man online is terrifying. I can't speak from experience because I don't have any kids but when I do. My kids will not have a computer in their bedroom, they won't have unlimited time available to spend online and I will monitor what they are posting, looking up and who they are talking to. Also, I think the biggest thing is talking to your kids about what can happen if they give out their information.

Really Good Topic!!

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