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Ohh. So tough. Right now I make more money than him and I think it eats him alive. We typically only discuss this thing when it comes time to get the tax stuff together for the accountant (Hi! Last weekend!). The thing is, I'm a big fan of the fact that loving where you work is more important than making more money. He happens to like where he is (most of the time) and he's not a big company, corporate person like I am. The thing that bugs me tho is that he'll never make what he's worth or what other people with his title are making in the corporate building next door to his 30 person start-up.

We have separate accounts, we split the bills, and that's about how that goes. Not ideal in my opinion, but it keeps the arguing down.


What is this bread winning thing you speak of??? Pretty sure we are never going to care who is making the money... it will just be nice to be making it!


My hubby, Titus, is definitely the "breadwinner". What he earns as a electrician, covers all of our expenses. And that is the way we like it. I enjoy being able to stay at home with my son. I did start working part time with the Pampered Chef doing cooking demos just to be able to get out of the house more ( I also have been stocking up my kitchen with cool stuff...HA HA) but it seems to be working out well for us to do things this way. And even though I don't work a full time job OUTSIDE of the home, I work full time INSIDE the home. 24/7...365 days

Sarah S.

This is not a topic discussed in my house either. Brian makes all of our income but he sees what I do at home as equally important. I pay all of our bills and most purchases are run by me before they are made since I know where we are financially. This isn't to say Brian can't buy anything on his own, he just doesn't make any big purchases without asking or he'll tell me he wants to get me something and gives me a general price range so I can try and make adjustments to allow for it. Together we decide on the bigger purchases and everything is OURS. We are not the type that has to have the newest things or best things either so we don't have a problem living comfortably as a family of 3 with one income. Time together and watching our son grow each day is much more important to us than having material things.


Tom makes a lot more than I do right now, but I've made more than him at times, and may again at some point... I don't think we've ever discussed it in that way. For awhile we kept all our money separate and he'd take care of the mortgage and I'd take care of all the other bills. Then I think around the time Max was born, we just decided that I'd manage all of our money. I like to do that stuff. We do keep a (very) little bit each month to ourselves. And that's what I would generally use to buy the shoes he mentioned. :) But yeah, we couldn't care less how it's getting into our accounts, as long as it's getting there! If one of us gets a raise, we're both thrilled. :)

Denise H.

We have never really talked about it but obviously my husband is the breadwinner and I doubt that I will ever be able to make as much as he does being that he makes 6 Times more than I do right now (and I am working full time).

Although, he has joked that he would LOVE it if I made more than he did and he wouldn't mind being a stay at home dad. hehe I also think that it would be Awesome to be the breadwinner!


Michael has always made more money than me. I work as a preschool teacher when I am not staying at home and there is not much money in that field. It has never bothered me because we are both doing what we love. We will joke about it a lot though. Like when I want to buy something expensive and then all of a sudden it's all HIS money:)


right now, we've got two full time jobs plus two businesses. what's ours is ours. we do split up who writes out the bills as our finances aren't consolidated into one "account" but what's there is there for the sharing and paying what needs to be paid. for a while i was the sole money maker as he went back to school...which i was absolutely fine with. but now we're pretty even. we both like to spend so it's been good that we both make money. but i am looking at a change that will involve much less money on my part for a while. and my husband is so fantastic and supportive of whatever i want to do, because, well, what makes me happy will of course make HIM happy! and right now at this point, i'll be happy with having less.. for my sanity and for the health of my family ...good topic, jen.


Eli makes ALL the money, but I'm the breadwinner:) hehe... kidding.

He works, I take care of our rental property and house sales. Not that we do this all the time but... the ones we have done can make or break us, and they have been mostly my responsibility.

I love how it's all OURS. And I love how we balance each other out. He's way frugal and I'm not. So... we help each other meet in the middle to either tighten up or loosen up:)


John makes ALL the money. But together we take care of our family and make things work. We have never thought of things as his or mine but rather ours. Each of us plays a role in our family and it works for us.


Well, I stay at home so technically Brian is the breadwinner. Even when I worked, he made soooo much more than me. He's always had fantastic jobs and just keeps moving up in the world. But, it doesn't bother me. In fact, if he didn't do so well, I wouldn't get to be home with my kids. I'm proud of how well he does for himself and his family.

That being said, I don't really like the term "bread winner". We both make our contributions to the family. He brings money in, and I care for our house and family. Both are invaluable to us. He appreciates what I do and vice versa. We are both equals and just because he makes money doesn't make him more important.

Great topic


As long as I have enough money to go golfing and she has enough money to buy shoes, jackets and purses, we don't really care where it comes from. If she would start her own photography business then she would proabably kick my ass in earnings, and that would be sweet!

Nicole Barczak

Ryan and I combine all of our earnings... both our incomes pay the bills/groceries etc. When I was in college and worked part time, we always joked about him being the breadwinner, but we both knew that my income was needed to pay bills as well, and thus was equally important (even though I didn't make as much). Not long after I began working part time at the school, my photography business also took off (last year) and I grossed as much with photography stuff as Ryan grossed with his work. (However, I had a lot more expenses to cut into my bottom line). Then we joked how I made more money than him.

Anyhow... I guess with us while he makes more money, I make more per hour (in our regular jobs... not counting photography). He just works more hours than me. Neither of us really consider either the breadwinner, although I guess if I had to say one, I'd say it was him as I've taken time off to be home with Porter, or to student teach (made no income that entire time) and I have time off during the summer where I don't get paid (I'm not under full contract at the school... I'm paid hourly not salary).

jenny's mom

mine is mine, his is his, i pay ALL of my own bills and basically take care of all my needs. but he takes care of everything else. i like it that way and it has made me proud to know i have did what i have did for my self. i was able to help out my children a little bit thru the years, which was nice to be able to do. i would have liked to give them so much more, but they knew it was coming from me and i think they were greatfull for what i was able to do for them. i will retire one of these days, then the piggy bank will be a bit smaller than it is today, but i will have more time to spend with my family which is something that money has never been able to buy. i have alot of makeup time to spend with my children, i am looking forward to that. that time to me will be PRICELESS............


This is a touchy subject at my house. I'm the breadwinner...and I have been for the last 5 years. It's complicated because he owns his own business and he's "building" something really great here. But sometimes it's difficult to be supportive of him working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week when I'm the one bringing in the bacon. It's gotten more stressful lately with the bun in the oven. At some point I feel like I "deserve" to get a break from the pressure of I really need more stress right now. I believe in what he's doing so that makes it easier sometimes...but it's not always a cake walk that's for sure. Now I need to get some cake.


Money is the root of all evils :) There have been times in our relationship where he has made more money and times when I have but at the end of the day, it is ours. And like you said, as long as we (together) have enough money to retire before we're 100 years old that's all that matters to us!


Not really a topic that we've discussed much at our house. We have friends that have a tough time that their female significant other makes more money than they do. Mike thinks it's cool and I call myself his sugar momma - not that he doesn't do well too, it's just in good fun.


We're retired now. I stopped working at 51, 12 years ago, and Bob at 58. We figured we had what we needed. We never made a big deal about income. Because were older, when we were young women never made as much as men, even if everything was equal. But we had an equal marriage. Everything went into the same pot, and we both benefited. That's a partnership. Now, we do what we want, and have a good time.


My husband and I make exactly the same base amount. He works more overtime. We keep our money separate. But he pays most of the bills and I but the groceries and household stuff. We never really argue about it. But we never question each others purchases either.

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