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You've got me there. Nothing, Nada, I have a better plan at work than at home, how sad. Seeing as I've had the ems training. We do have a fire extinguisher, and probably enough food for a week or so. I've been meaning to get a fire ladder. We don't have a sitter, but if we did I would leave numbers. I'll have to check out the sites you listed.

Nicole Barczak

Nope... we have no plan. What a great topic! I'll have to go through those links.


We don't have any food stored. But we do have our "meeting" place and a first aid kit. And my sitter, who is usually my oldest daughter, has a list a mile long of phone numbers!


My basic plan is to panic and throw a bunch of sh!t in a bag that sits at the foot of my bed.

I'm terrible.

Oh, and I meme'd you. ;-)


I do not, I'm gonna go with "run like hell" for my plan, after, of course waking my roomates up. If there were to be a fire in the kitchen, however, I do believe I would die because our second story (where all of our bedrooms are) is really high up there with no way to get down!!! We're pretty safe though:) Good luck with your presentation!!!:)


I'm kinda nuts that I'm a huge planner and I in order to be calm (which I like to be) I have to have a plan for worst case scenerio.

We have an emergency plan for the following situations
- Terrorist attack while I'm in the city
- Weather emergency while we're at work in lower Westchester.
- Home based emergency.

I have a first aid kit both in the upstairs bathroom and in the basement. A 10 day supply of bottled water and food in our basement.

In both of our cars we have 2 gallons of water, 1 box of energy bars, extra set of cold weather gear for both of us (hat, gloves, scarf, old sweatshirt), matches, empty gas can just in case, first aid kit and outdoor blanket. And a bag of dry cat food - just in case the boys come with us.

I'm probably still not as prepared as I should be - if something awful really did I'm going to check out that site.


Yeah, I have nothing. I hate to say that too! I always freak out about how I would get all of us out in case of a fire, all of us sleep on the upper level and it's a long way down out a window. We have 1 flashlight, somewhere. No food stored, nothin! I know we should, and hopefully I will find time to implement something, it could mean my families lives. Thanks for putting these thoughts into my head, it's really something to think about!


What a great post Jenny!
Good luck today with everything!!

We don't have real plans in place for anything. It crosses my mind every once in awhile that we should probably do something about that. We do have fire extinguishers on each floor and flashlights strategically stored around the house. Savannah's learned her phone number and address and parents full names things like that. There's one first aid kit upstairs in the linen closet and one in the car (has been great for days at the playground!!). Hmm... that's about it. I need to look over the links you gave us and get on all this! Thanks Jen!!

jenny's mom

i really don't have a plan for an emergency. i think when we build our house i will put one into effect because at that time i plan on having grandchildren spending time with us. i want them to know just what to do. so untill then no. i should carry an emergency kit in my truck, i carry extra jackets and a flashlight, and a couple blankets but i should add a few things. it get's rather cold up here in the northland!!!


great, jen, more things to add to my to-do list. ha ha. we don't have a house fire plan. but that would be important, huh. we DO have a plan (given to us from the school) in case of something terrible happening with the nuclear power plant that's like five miles from our house. i should get on the rest of those things. because you just never know. good topic.

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