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Oh yeah...been sick for 3 weeks....SUCKS BUTT


I hear ya. I hate winter, even if it lasted only 1 day! Somehow, Annika got a virus and got diarrhea from it and a rash. Ok, so we haven't left the house in weeks, how does that happen? Ugghhh, this crap doesn't happen when it's warm!


We really haven't been sick around here... KNOCK ON WOOD! But it often feels like we're the only well ones on the planet.

Savananh had strep back in the fall, but other than that, we've been pretty good. We seem to ALMOST get a lot of stuff, but it only sticks around haphazardly for a day or so and then it's gone before it really ever was. Let's hope that trend continues!!

Hope you guys are all back to your spunky old selves soon!


Will it never end? I hope you are all feeling better soon!


Yup, sick in our corner of the world. For the past month one or the other of us has had some type of illness. Even the people on American Idol have the flu!


Yeah, sick SUCKS! I thought we were done. And then my three year old threw up in my hair after dinner. Sometimes, I really hate this gig!


feel better soon!


Yeah, sick here. You know it, I was bitching:)


Hope you all get better really soon. We're not sick here.


i'm not sick, nor is anyone in my family (although the hubs has called in sick this week to finish another project) - so KNOCK ON WOOD here! so sorry you're not doing well. nyquil baby!

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