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Only two tickets?? When my training officer pulled my driving record for van training, he asked if I still had a license. I looked the sheet over and said hey, the one I got in Tennessee isn't on here.


don't feel bad jeni, we didn't end up planting any of the trees we gave out at our wedding either. we didn't even go home with any.


The tree favors were a great idea. Certainly different from most wedding favors!

Kristi S

These are fun! I will have to do one next week when I have more time....


Two speeding tickets!?!? That's nothing compared to me. I racked up quite a few points in my earlier days...luckily I've been clear for a couple of years now! Everyone always said I was weird for not filling the sink with water...what's the point in washing dishes in water that just keeps on getting dirtier!!


we play #4 as a family game in the car :) good stuff. do you think that #7 is bad luck? ha ha.

jenny's mom

i still feel bad about the flowers for your birthday that got you that stop sign ticket, although i think you would have drove slowly thru it anyways! you and you brother i think were in a rut for awhile getting tickets :)
the trees i planted from your wedding are still growing!!!


interesting stuff, jeni! now don't go speeding to work today, okay?

thanks for the tag. i'll get on it!

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