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i'd love to know what you think of me:) sometimes sarcasm comes across as bitchy. not that i can't be bitchy. i am always curious about the bloggers i read...


I love reading your blog. I get the impression that you are a great mom, fun, and very creative!

Kristi S

I think the real me shines through on my blog. As for you, I already know you're cute and sweet and funny and I already like ya! We'll meet sometime in near future though!


I wonder this all the I come across to others through my blog.

I think you are fun and very out going. I'm almost positive that if I were to hang out with you, you'd have me laughing quite a bit! There are so many blog friends out there that I'd love to meet in real life!


I feel like you're someone that I could meet for coffee and wind up taking for hours about mundane stuff that would only be mundane to us the next time we met and did the same thing.

Oh - and I'd love to go someplace cool and take pictures. I think I'd definitely learn something from the way you shoot!

So I guess the bottom line is -- we should totally hang out. :-)


I think you'd be fun to hang out with. I think most people are the same as they come across in their blog. I imagine I might be a little different, I am much quieter in real life...


Your blog is totally you! Very fun and creative just like the gifts you made for Kim and I for senior trip. I totally have my Val Kilmer letter still!


What my impression of you from your blog is: funny, likes to have a good time, good mom, great photographer.


Yeah... you are the same. I can hear you always laughing... same as in your emails. I love it, the laughter is contagious!


It's always interesting meeting someone in real life when you read their blog...I think you would be fun to be around, laughing, joking, and having fun with the group. :) I think you would be outgoing and nice since you portray that on your blog....I can't wait till the next BWMRW and we can meet in "real life"


funny question, i think you are exactly how i remembered...easy to get along with, like to have a good time, funny, and fun to be around. i wasn't that close to you in high school so i feel like i know you better now than i did then.
hope to get up to the re-muni with you.


i think your blog is like you in "real" life- funny and smart. you always gave me a great laugh during hockey and your blog is no different. me = boring, my blog = boring. well here's to hoping you don't get snowed it too much!!! I WANT SPRING ALREADY!!!


Three words I would use to describe you based on your blog are: fun, friendly, and kind. Am I right?? :)


I'm pretty sure I suck at real life and I suck in the blog world.

Two examples for each.

In real life my golf game is terrible and people think I'm not nice.

In the blog world, my punctuation is brutal and I don't get invited to any 'Real World Meet Blog World' events. What is up with that?


From what I remember you seem to be pretty much the same in your blog as how you are in real life. Right? I have one memory of homecoming my junior year when all of us princesses were about to go out into the freezing cold and ride around the football field. You were there and I remember thinking that that was the first time I had really talked to you and you were a pretty cool gal!!! I think I have a picture of it somewhere. Oooooo that would be fun to post about :)
Anyway, I am of the opioion that us Northern girls are always more fun right?


I think you are outgoing and loud (not in a bad way). You seem like you like to have fun and are a little crazy. You seem very sincere and caring too. I feel that what people think of me from my blog is how I am, but who knows. Maybe you all think I'm this crazy nut job, and well I don't think I am...


I like what Britni said... I think all of us do that to an extent, whether we mean to or not.
I try to be completely real on my blog, but also I notice sometimes it sneaks up on me that it's a little too easy to portray things how I really want them to be, rather than stark reality.

As far as you Jenny, Hmmm...
I think you're a blast and would be a friend who's always cracking others up. I think you're always up for a good time and that we're a lot alike in terms of loving to be social and hanging out, playing games, drinking it up, whatever, just having a great time with friends.
I get the feeling you're very confidant and outgoing with people you're comfortable with, and I wonder if you're like that with strangers. Like I see you as the outgoing bubbly one, but that's always seeing you in your comfort zone and with the friends you've grown up with. I wonder if you'd be the same with say a group of BWMRW'ers. If not, I think you'd warm up fast!
I also think you're a homebody in some aspects... that you like the comforts of the 'same old, same old' and the closeness of living in a small town. I don't see you as the traveling type, or someone who's restless and wanting to spread their wings.

I think this is all so interesting and it's why I want to meet EVERYONE I "get to know" online...
I'd love to hear your impressions of me!

jenny's mom/Tucker's gram

being your mom i know you in a totally different way than your friends do. this blog of yours has let me meet the friend i don't have and the daughter that i do. i think as a daughter you are, yes my daughter. thru the blog you are my friend. does that make sense? i have truly enjoyed meeting and learning about you on line as a friend.
i love you.

Leslie Collins

I am guessing you are probably very much like your blog.

We had this discussion in Chicago. Kim thought I was going to be different than I am since I don't post much. She thought I would have been more quiet.

It's always fun to hear others voices and accents in "real life."


The blogging social circle is not something I truly understand. I always wonder how I come across. I have a lot to say in real life but I edit my blog. I'm not sure why. I think it because I know there are strange people reading it and I don't want to offend anyone.

You are like a girl I went to high school with in my mind. I have no idea if you would be like her in real life but that's what I think about when I read your posts. She's really outgoing and funny and always the life of the party.

I think Kim is much quieter in real life than she comes across on her blog...and because she's really the only other 'blogger' I know in real life, I think everyone out there would probably surprise me.


i think i would like you in real life! ;)


I think you are probably the same in "real life" as in your blog! I love your blog, and I think we would get along just fine, my bloggy friend!


I've thought about this somewhat, too. I have met two other bloggers IRL, and they were pretty much what I expected them to be from their blogs.

I think my first impression of you from your blog is that you are the type of person that's easy to get along of those people that is outgoing and fun to be around. Oh, and you seem to always say something I would say, or you write about something I would do, etc...and it's fun to read about people you feel like you have things in common with! :-)


I kind of write my blog in a way so that I give people the impression that I'm like the person I want to be like. So I think I'm probably different in real life.

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