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jenny's mom/Tucker's gram

yes i would love to make some kind of quilt with your memories! it won't happen tomorrow but i will do it for you. i have a few things left from highschool. and pre marriage. stuff i should get rid of. when we move to the new house i will be going thru everything. it will be time to sort things then. i will leave some of it till after i am gone from this lovely world to my kids to do as they wish....sorry kids:)


I was just having this conversation with my mom yesterday. She wanted to get rid of a bunch of my stuff in her basement but I told her to hold off until I could see it because I wanted to make a quilt out of all my athletic gear.


I pared my stuff down so it fits into one med size tote. I can't just toss that stuff. I did make a shadow box with my high school letter and medals from sports.


i say don't throw it away either...i'm not sure where a bunch of my stuff from h.s. went and now i'm regretting it. i think the only things i have left are yearbooks from junior/senior year and one of my football jerseys. i remember wearing my dads old jersey when i was like 8 even tho it was 20 times to big :) as far as stuff from college, it's been a lot easier to keep track of and most of it is uniforms and plaques so they're pretty easy to keep around. in utah we had an "i love me" room where miranda hung up a u.s. flag quilt that my mom made for me along with diplomas/awards/medals, class ring, and a bunch of other stuff from the academy/air force that i thought turned out pretty good. i'm hoping they will make for a lot of good stories for the grandkids some day ;)


i made a scrapbook with most of the paper and picture stuff. i have all of the kids outfits that they wore home from the hospital and i plan to have a quilt made.


I have this same problem but I absolutely will not get rid of it. Sure, it takes up space, but discovering it again and going through it and remembering who you were and what you did is so fun. I do, however, love the quilt idea and think that would be a great way to keep it AND make it useful at the same time.

Michelle Sauer

I'd throw it. I have so much crap too, and if I had the time or desire to go through it, I'd toss it too! I'm nostalgic to an extent, but high school and college aren't on the top of my list anymore for favorite times of my life. Good luck figuring it out!


We just went through this at my house. I have a very hard time throwing anything away but I have gotten better. I have been to a "declutter class" and their suggesstion is the same as Jessica's. Take a picture of the item, you holding the item, when you used to wear the item or whatever and put them all in a photo/scrapbook. She also suggestion cutting a little piece of the item (obviously clothes) and putting it in with the pictures. Now you still have a great memory and something tangible to touch. I think easier said than done. I have a whole bin full of high school stuff like that. I am just waiting for the time to scrap it all. I have stuff from elementary school in there. My Mom saved some good stuff and I have all of the class pictures and senior wills and stuff like that too. Wow, now that I think about it, I should really start on that! Good Luck.


i have a hard time with this stuff too. i really didn't keep much from h.s.... but now that my kid is 9 and has TONS of art projects, etc... i've not been able to keep all of HIS crap! so this is what i say to do... put your camera to use! i take a pic of my kid by his latest project, or just the project itself, and then have a digital file of it... i know you can't do this with everything, but it's a thought, and a way for you to get creative with your photography :)

Kristi S

Unless you love your old HS stuff, I say donate it!!! There is no way I would want to keep my ugly orange and black soccer uniforms around...but maybe that is just me!
I would definitely hold onto the journals though :)


I am going to suggest things that I should do myself. I have two totes full of the exact same things you sound like you have...minus all the sports stuff. I wasn't into sports cause I sucked.

The quilt idea is great. Also, you could just keep one or two of your favorite shirts/sports jerseys and frame it. Maybe sounds cheesey, but you could even cut out the logo and put a couple of them together in a shadow box type of frame.

For the smaller stuff, if its stuff you really don't think your own children/grandchildren would like to "hold" onto someday, take pictures of all of the items. Then, put them together in a small scrapbook. I know you don't scrapbook but it doesn't have to be fancy. Maybe just take the photos and slap them into a small photo album. You could also buy those little pockets and put one on a page and put any small momentos in the pockets, to go along with the photo. Like if you have any tickets from an event, or your dried corsage or something....
I don't know what you have, but I think you should save a good majority of it. I can't believe how many times I've heard my mom say, "If only my mom would have saved those..."


I love the coffee table idea, that is so funny! I would totally do something fun like that with my stuff, but I fear glass table tops + toddlers.

Whenever I spring clean with my hubby he always wants to throw everything out too...I keep old letters/cards/pictures...I love to look at my scrapbooks/journals every once in's fun to reflect. Keep them...what else are you going to store in the attic?!


umm, yes, we have a big huge trophy case with a whole bunch of crap in it. :) and i am laughing at the coffee table suggestion.

my mom and i made tom a quilt with a bunch of his old t-shirts/warmups, and while he nearly cried when i took his t-shirts away, i think it's a good way to keep them. i have a bunch of my shirts cut out for a quilt as well.

i also loved seeing my parents stuff when i was younger. we actually just got one of tom's basketball warmups back (from his high-school gf's mom!) and i'm planning on keeping that for max... maybe someday he'll play basketball at east and then he can wear it as a throwback jersey ;) so, i wouldn't throw it all away... i mean, maybe some things... but not all of it.

do you still have your sweet mariner stats polo?!? :) dang, we were hot.


I have a big old gun case that my father helped me convert into a trophey case and it contains a bunch of my old sports stuff.

I would suggest you make a shadow box or something like that which you can either put on the wall or do something creative like make a coffee table out of or something like that. Don't throw it away whatever you do, that kind of stuff is priceless.

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