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I found you because, well...I just know you, and you inspired me to start my own blog....which I suck at tremendously, remembering to keep it up and everything.


I've been a lurker for a little while now...found you through someone elses blog, not sure which one though...good luck with the diet coke withdrawl!


i found you through travis, who a looong time ago sent me a link to the khs-99 page. all i really knew was that you used to work with my hubby and you were in trav's class... and you're married to a cook and i practically grew up over there :)


I can't remeber, but I think I got you from Mary who maybe got you from Nicole. Anyhow, I am glad I got you somehow! Have a great weekend!

LeeAnn Howard

i found you through kim's blog, through nicole's blog.

Kristi S

I am not exactly sure...we have a lot of blogging friends in common now...

I get someone Googling my name several times a day too and yes, it is creepy!!


"Found a crusty towel in my husband's clothes." Ewwww! That is so hilarious, but slightly disturbing. Heehee...oh, how I love analytics! I think everyone should post one of these entries every couple of months. There sure are some random searches for mine, and half the time I'm all, "Um, these are relevant to"

And honestly, I don't remember how I found your blog...I want to say through flickr, but then that doesn't sound right. Maybe it was through someone elses blog? Gah. So many blogs, so little time. :) Whatever the case, I'm glad I "found" you!

jenny's mom

i found you because you are my daughter!! i love reading and getting to know you in this way. and guess what honey, yo momma hasn't had a diet coke in 18 days and counting..........after about 20 years of drinking the stuff, i finally gave it up!!!now i drink crystal light, yummy, yummy! love you babe! and i love stickyfeathers too!!


for the life of me, i can't remember how i found you (or if you found me first). that is sort of scary isn't it?


I finally got around to looking at my Google Analytics the other day . . . two people have found me by searching for 'prostitute etiquette'. Um, yeah.

And I think that you found me first - I am so glad that you did! I throughly enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the amazing pictures!


Hi Jenny! I found you from you finding me, so how did you find me :)??? No matter, I'm glad you did, I can't wait to come back here a little later on this afternoon and stalk you a bit--HA! You're my first Minnesotan in a long time, and I agree--suh-weet!

Be back later...


I found you from Melissa, at Mel Growing Up.


um... Kim's blog? I think.

And what's with the belly button searches going to your blog?! haha!!


I found you because you were on Kim beejo's blogroll:)


Found you through an in-laws blog. And sorry it is me always searching "stickyfeathers blog" I now added you to my favorites. Keep bloggin


I think you found me first and I'm glad you did!

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