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Denise H.

Great Job! I LOVE FISHING! I have yet to scratch anything off of my list. :( I need to get going.


ahhhhh I love it!
I think I would have lots of fun up there in MN with you! Bowling, fishing.......seriously, you do some fun stuff :)


I'm jonesin' to see a picture of you casting the Barbie pole.


I love the pink stik, I will definitely have to go out and get one of those!! Congrats on the catches.


SWEEEEET!!! Love the stick!!!


p.s. did you bring your nice camera camping? brave soul!


Woohoo. good for you.


awww! what a guy! a mother's day gift? :)


What a guy! Nice Stick.


Cool new toy!


i think i would have been better off with your barbie fishing pole. my pink rod (with a freaking push reel) was a piece of poo! everytime i casted i caught a snag on the bottom of the lake, not only that but i had to bang the reel against the side of the boat in order to reel in any line. horrible. no wonder i didn't catch anything. i need an ugly stik. a pink ugly stik. but anyway, i had a great time. i just loved being out on the lake again, even if i was in an ol faded green boat that kept breakin down! can't wait to do it again!

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