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Sarah S.

We are going camping to a State Park about 20 miles away. I understand the gas prices...Brian drives 60 miles round trip every day. Both of our vehicle get decent gas mileage though, which helps, even with a small SUV.


just a graduation party down near cinci and probably visit some of miranda's relatives since we'll be down there. maybe i'll do a quick post on gas prices/environmental issues :)


No plans as of yet. My favorite Memorial Day weekends have been spent in Washington DC. It is quite the thing to be there on this weekend. Very Emotional.


PS: Did I mention, my sister college graduation party is Monday and my husband's twin niece/nephew are having a 1-year-old party on Saturday. Yeah. SUCKS.


We aren't traveling this weekend due to GAS PRICES.

But, seeing as how gas in Europe runs at $10+/gallon, I guess we have to come to terms with the end of "cheap gas". Time to drag the bike out!

QUESTION: What kind of camera do you have? I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely LOVE your pictures!

Another Denise

Gas prices are OUTRAGEOUS!! We are still planning on a family camping/4 wheeling weekend. But I think it will impact on how many trips like this we get to take this summer!


I feel your pain, both me and my husband drive pretty far to work right now. That's one reason we are moving! It doesn't help that they are supposed to keep going up either!!

Memorial day, I am going horseback riding at a state park with a bunch of friends. We have to haul the horses with a diesel truck, which is WAY too expensive. I won't let it stop me, but it will force us to cut back on the trail rides this summer :( Anyway, have a great weekend!


i refuse to let gas prices get in the way of anything i want to do!!!



Dustin is going on a week long fishing trip and so I started feeling sorry for myself that I didn't have anything fun planned, so I decided that I would take a trip down to the cities and stay with my friend (and old college roommate) Molly and her fiance. Not sure what we'll do exactly but I'm looking forward to hanging out with them and having something to do for the weekend. Hopefully I'll have some fun, crazy stories to share when I get back. However, I'm sure Dustin's stories will top mine! They always do! Hope you have a great weekend!!


Seriously! I put $55 of gas in my tank and got 3/4 of a tank. Kill me!


I was watching the news the other morning, and it said that Chicago has the highest gas prices in the country... Makes me realize where all of our money is going.

We've got a family BBQ, my parents are going to Vegas (So I get to drive them to the airport), We've got a wedding, and I do plan to go to the cemetery.

In addition to all of that... my normal weekend routine of laundry and cleaning...

Denise H.

Let me just say that gas prices are out of control and there needs to be something done about it!

Okay, we don't have any plans besides moving this weekend. :( But, in the past we have always gone to visit family or camping.


My inlaws have a house on a lake in Maine about 2.5 hours away from where we live. We'll be going up there for the weekend. We do this every Memorial Day weekend. We usually spend the weekend getting stuff ready up there for the summer i.e. cleaning the boat, putting it in the water, cleaning patio furniture, etc. etc. Nothing special as far as a bbq goes.

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