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LeeAnn Howard

I like them both but am really liking the urban color one. Where did you get that action from!??!


not sure which one i like best..... both. i just can't decide!

i like the new page. i'm sure it's been like this a few days. i've been..... busy. ha, not really! i just started a new book and i'm about to finish it!:)

we are headed to MN on Monday! i don't know that i'll be in the Bay though..... we'll see.

your shots are looking good:)


I like the BW one.
So far our mosquitoes aren't too terrible yet, but the small annoying flies are horrible.


i'm usually a big fan of black and white but in this case i think the colour one is simply lovely! the black and white doesn't do his blue eyes justice - such a cutie :o)


I like the color, the bw doesn't do it justice. And, I normally like bw better! He's just so darn freakin' cute! Sounds like a fun night!


Love her actions. I go for the B&W as well. Love your new banner, great picture of Tucker.


The Black and White for sure!


Both are gorgeous, but I really, really like the black and white one!


Black and White!


I love the black and white one!

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