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Check out this site: ( I find the coolest lunch inspirations!

Kristi S

I try to bring a lunch as often as possible to save money (and time!). Usually leftovers, but I will have sandwiches too. My favorite is corned beef and swiss, but I experiment with meats, cheeses and breads to kee it interesting :)


When I was doing LA Weight loss a few years back, I would take the BEST salads to work with me. I feel too lazy to do it now...but if you're looking for something different, it really isn't that hard, and it's quite a healthy lunch.

Bake a chicken breast (we eat this several times a week, so I would just make a few extra, seasoned with lemon pepper Mrs. Dash or something) cut up and put in a baggy or reusable container.

Then I'd take lettuce, (I like field greens and spinach mixture) shredded cheese, cut up tomatoes, cucumbers, an avocado, and whatever else you want on your salad, all cut up and in individual containers (except for the avocado which I'd sliced there so it didn't get all brown) and the my favorite dressing.
I'd put the whole salad together on a big plate and be full for HOURS. Everyone would always comment on my good looking lunch, and I'd say--"just takes a few minutes of preparation in the morning, thats it!"

Again, not rocket science, but there is something soooo refreshing and healthy-feeling about a good salad...not just greens and dressing...but all the veggies that you put on it.

Just a suggestion. I want a salad now. With cottage cheese. Yum.


I love things like bagel sandwiches with turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato. Apples with strawberry cream cheese, yogurt with granola, frozen burritos topped with taco sauce and shredded cheese and heated in the microwave...

Stephani in Wyoming

This has been on my mind quite a bit recently with prices on everything seeming to sky rocket. So I decided that I needed to stop eating out and start packing my lunch and dinner. I work two jobs so I have to pack for both. I try to change it up but sometimes time is such a factor. My normal fair is a ham sandwich, a pickle spear or two, string cheese, bag of chips, and two cookies or some sort of dessert. To change it up a bit I buy special bread for my sandwiches. I enjoy having them on hamburger buns instead of normal ever day plain ordinary bread. It is also a lot of fun to choose sourdough or 12 grain. Anything to change it up. Some of the things that I have found that I also enjoy taking for lunch are ... carrots or broccoli with a little side bowl of ranch dressing, boiled eggs, crackers and tuna or cheese, fresh or canned fruit. I like to take Smart Ones sometimes and I will toss in two pieces of the Pepperidge Farm frozen garlic bread slices to have with it. OH! Also I always pack a bag of microwave popcorn just in case I don't feel hungry and just want to snack. I am still learning... I was so glad to read these different comments hear. Thanks for posting this topic. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Have a great day.

Sarah S.

Brian usually brings leftovers from dinner the night before. If there isn't enough, then we usually have tubs of soup, beef stew, or mac n cheese available just for those days. Now with the warmer weather, he'll take sandwiches. He also keeps snacks at work like dried cereal, nutri-grain bars, fruit snacks, fruit cups, etc. It helps us save money and he's eating healthier than if he went to the gas station to get food. He is very limited with his options if he goes out for food, subway isn't an option although he'd love it if it was!

Annie W

i was just thinking about this the other day.
since i started WW i've been more mindful of lunches at work. working for mayo we have a pretty nice cafeteria on campus where we can get pretty healthy options, but like someone else said, it makes you kind of sick to your stomach to think of all the money wasted.
i used to buy the "Smart Ones" - - like the Lean Cuisine of WW, but that can get expensive too. lately i've been buying bagged salads and bringing some of that, with fruit, veggies and dill dip, and yogurt. i like granola bars too.
and leftovers are good too, although nothings as good the second time around!


i bring soup and some chips with laughing cow cheese. i'm really exciting.

that's when i bring it. we go out to lunch... a LOT... but we have a few more options here than you do probably. :) still, i've probably spent enough at subway to buy a small house.


I usually bring leftovers in tupperware. But, I'm starting a new diet on Monday, so I'll probably start making stuff just for lunch.


My husband probably makes a sandwich once a week... other than that he takes leftovers. I make enough to have one or two luches from our dinners. Lots of times we'll just grill extra chicken and he'll cut it up to bring with salad. Also he gets some fabulous frozen cheese and steak burritos from Costco that he likes to take for lunch. Or tomales. He gets his mexican fix (albeit FAKE mexican) during lunches because I don't eat it so we RARELY have it for meals at home.
When I worked I usually brought easy stuff like fruit and bagels. I'm not a sandwich fan. I worked on a hospital campus though so we had a food court there that was a little too convenient.

Leslie Collins

Try chicken on salad. If you don't have time to cook it, buy the tyson already cooked. Try wraps (or tortillas) instead of bread and italian dressing instead of mayo.

Also, I buy the chicken patties and make sandwiches. I like the seasame buns, romaine lettuce, onion, tomato and mayo on mine.

I know how you feel. It gets tiring eating the same old thing.

Good luck.


it's horrible, but i buy my lunch everyday...and if i think about much wasted money that is, i seriously get sick to my stomach.


I eat at my desk every day because I can go home an hour early if I skip lunch. I'm ALWAYS struggling for ideas. Two ideas that are staples of mine:
-Buy a chicken at the deli and put it on salads, add nuts or fruit to make it interesting. This week I'm having chicken salad with celery, onions, grapes and cashews on a salad. YUM.
-Cottage cheese and tomatoes with basil. I have fresh basil at home all of the time so this is an easy salad.

I always bring either a salad or a sandwich and some form of fruit. Mixing up what goes in the salad with different lettuces or dressings is what keeps me sane. Go for different meats, cheeses, veggies or buy some spices from Penzy's or somewhere to keep the flavors different. Good luck!


I bring a lunch to work almost everyday- the only exception is when hot lunch is servin something delish! I try to make my sandwiches "gourmet" with fancy mustard, lettuce, and tomato- I know, really big time. That keeps my lunch not so boring, but it does get old quick!


When I was teaching I never had the luxury of going to a restaurant for lunch, or even leaving the building for that matter. I brought a bag lunch every day. Ugh- you're right, it does get old fast! I always got excited on the days when I had enough leftovers from dinner the night before to bring in. Or when I packed myself some cheese and crackers, and veggies, instead of a blechy old dry sandwich!

Cass mentioned working from home she's still in the same lunch bind. Same here- staying at home I dread coming up with meals, and feel like I eat the same old ick scraped out of the fridge everyday for lunch. Thankfully today, I'm going out for lunch:)

Playful Professional

I take a lunch to work almost every day, but I normally take leftovers and heat them up in the microwave. Or I take soup or a sandwich so I'm probably not much help. Check out for more ideas.

Denise H.

I LOVE to take a lunch to work. My idea of the "Perfect Lunch" would be packing a small lunch and then driving to a nearby park, rolling down the windows and reading a good book while enjoying the hour sitting in the sun. AWWWWWW!

I usually bring a Lean Quisine, left overs, PB&J or PB & Honey sandwich. This saves so much money and I don't waste any of my hour driving and waiting in line for greasy fast food. I actually get to relax and read a book which I don't have time to do unless I do it on my lunch break.


I struggle with lunch every single day. Working from home you'd think my basic unlimited options would make it easy but it does not. When I worked in an office I would bring leftovers or a lean cuisine or a salad with me.

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