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I can't wait to hear about the neighbor.


Hmmm, I really have an inquiring mind which neighbor your talking about! :) I am going to make veggie this weekend too. Yum! and probably some rhubarb cake too, double yum!!
Can't wait to dance the night away and for a couple little TR shots! triple yum!


bachelorette update.... TWILLEY IS FINALLY GONE! Thank goodness! Now she can concentrate on the more delish. She's visiting homes and families of the final four this next week. The final four: Graham, Jesse, Jason, and Jeremy.
Jeremy is irritating me lately. He's just a little too much too often. I'm kinda thinking Graham will be "the one." but am anxious to see how the home visit goes with Jesse.
Catch up Jenny! We need to discuss this stuff.


Odd neighbors, they're for the birds. Have fun Saturday night at the reception, and a great weekend. Can't wait to see your new pics.


Funny! I just made Veggie Pizza last night to take along camping/4 wheeling this weekend. YUMMY I actually used YOUR recipe from and old post. The only subsitute is I use a package of Hidden Valley Ranch dip instead of using onions,dill.Etc.

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