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LeeAnn Howard

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie too! Just watched it this past weekend while in VA Beach and bawled my eyes out!! Didnt even realize that he is also in 300 too. Didnt see that movie, but remember seeing him on one of the late night shows and he was super HOT then too! I guess he really worked out to become all muscular for the 300 movie!

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

the best thing about my morning is that i get to look forward to tomorrow morning. all i have did for about a week is work my butt off, too bad some of my butt isn't gone because of working it off. today i managed to mow some grass, pile some rock, and help cut down a double 65foot birch tree...and lived to tell about it....can't wait to see little tucker!!


Gerard Butler = hot! loved that movie! have you seen rendition or reservation road? also very good. my day was very fun, i love saturdays, especially land of the loon saturday!


How was PS I love you?


Scratch's was being slow:) Have fun tonight!!!


totally posted a comment earlier...apparently it didn't work...i've been working all day..since 8 this morning:(

Leslie Collins

Great list!!!

My morning was good b/c:

we were able to sleep in b/c reyna slept in.

a delish breakfast that jade made (breakfast burritos)

hearing reyna in her crib talking this morning. i could listen to her all day.

have a great weekend, jenny


A good morning turned into a good day here :) I've got tons of pics to post later! I haven't seen PS I Love You yet. Everyone's been talking about it though. I guess I"ll have to put it on my list.
BTW......we ditched the binkie in our house too. It's going a lot better than I imagined it would! Have fun tonight :)


Um...just the fact that I got to sleep past 5:30 today was enough to make me smile this morning!!! Other than that, because summer is finally here, and I am very excited to go out with friends this evening!!! Have a good afternoon Jenny, see ya later tonight-dont forget your dancing shoes!!!

Life on an Island

Just the fact that you mentioned Gerard Butler and images of him running through my head is enough for a good morning. Other than that.. sitting at my office desk which is looking out at the beach with a puppy at my feet and having the time to read your blog. Happy Saturday!
Warm Wishes for Whidbey!


What's making my morning good??? Hmmm...I'm working at my new job, it's 80* outside, my family is at my cabin without me....ummmm I have to think really hard about what's making my morning good...maybe the fact that I don't live up the shore anymore???:) That always starts my day off with a smile:) Or the fact that I have an AMAZING job, that also starts my day off with a smile:)


My morning is great. My grandson is here and we went to a baseball game last night. We're going again tonight. It's blazing hot here, so we'll do 'stuff' in the AM and jell in the afternoon.


Oooh Gerard Butler. :) Very delish LOL!

And what about James Marsden? I used to think he was sooo "cute" back in highschool, and haven't noticed him in movies/tv until I saw 27 Dresses.


My morning is great b/c we went out for breakfast, the food was delish, and the babe was well-behaved! And the sun's shining and it's warm and gorgeous.


My morning is good because I'm sitting down to read blogs for the first time all week! And because I'm cleaning and getting ready for my boy to visit today!! Have a great weekend!!

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