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LeeAnn Howard

We went cold turkey at 12 months and he never looked back! We were pretty lucky to have it happen so easily! Good Luck with it!


yeah good luck with that! we're almost in the same boat...used only for naptime and bedtime. we thought about cutting it off on her 2 year old birthday but since we figured we'd be moving in another 2 months we'd just wait so we didn't have to revert back to square one. we've also heard the trick of wrapping it up as a gift and giving it to the new baby which we might try. i'm sure i'll be blogging about it here in another 3 weeks when the time comes :)


Oh I wish you the best of luck!!! I haven't cut the drug off here yet. i actually just purchased a 2 pack since i couldn't find one anywhere and she was so not ready for cold turkey.


How's it going without a nuk? Do you have a binkie update? Evan is 26 months and he too uses his nuks STRICTLY for naps and night time. I recently learned of cutting the tips off and have just been too scared to try. I think it's harder on me than it will be on him.


Good luck!!


Good luck! I have been debating this for a little while now. I can't stand the binkie! I can't stand looking at Thomas with it any more. I can't stand that he talks with it in his mouth. But he loves it! He calls it his "B."
We might be right behind you with the cold turkey thing!


let me know how it goes. we haven't started thinking about how we are going to get rid of reyna's. we aren't too worried about it right now. probably when she turns two.

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